Catalog of myRecent Compositions


»Scaramouche Variations commissioned by Sylvia Glickman. Recorded by John Jensen on Music and Arts label (1991).

» Waltz-Fantasy commissioned by Dimitri Toufexis for Alice Tully Hall Recital. Recorded by Debra Torok on the Verra label (1995).

film music

» The Juniper Tree film released in 1990, available on DVD. Directed by Neitzchka Keene, stars Bjork.


» Generations for violin, viola, cello, bass, and piano. Pacific Serenades.

» Waltz-Fantasy for solo piano Debra Torok, piano. Verra

» Scaramouche for cello and orchestra, Carter Brey, cello, with the Lehigh Valley Chamber Orchestra. Koch International

» Scaramouche Variations for solo piano John Jensen, piano. Music and Arts

For recordings of other works, please contact Larry Lipkis directly

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