Accelerated BSN Program in Nursing Sample Program of Study

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This sample program of study outlines the typical timeframe that courses will be offered for students enrolled in the Accelerated BSN Program in Nursing.  There may be slight calendar variations from year to year.  Students are required to take these 17 courses to fulfill requirements for the baccalaureate degree in this program.  Of these, students who have taken courses equivalent to Nursing 205, Nursing 360, or courses that fulfill the same Learning in Common (LinC) requirement as Spanish 100 and Spanish 105 may be waived from taking these specific courses.  Similarly, students who have met all LinC U and M requirements need not take that elective during this program of study.  However, in these instances, students will not receive a tuition discount.

Session I (begins third week of August; 7 weeks):

Nursing 115. Foundations of Nursing and Healthcare
Nursing 212. Holistic Assessment
Nursing 205. Pathophysiology

Session II (begins third week of October; 7 weeks):

Nursing 311. Quest toward Individual Well-Being
Nursing 360. Ethical Dilemmas in Healthcare (U2)   
One U or M LinC elective (e.g., Nursing 216. Intersection of Culture and Healthcare; M5)

Session III Courses (begins first week of January; 10 weeks):  

Nursing 310. Quest into Phenomenology of Nursing
Nursing 312. Embracing the Dynamic Family
Nursing 331.2. Pharmacology I

Session IV (begins last week of March; 10 weeks):

Nursing 339. Individual Health Challenges
Nursing 314. Embracing the Dynamic Community
Nursing 332.2. Pharmacology II

Session V (begins first week of July; 10 weeks):

Nursing 313. Embracing the Challenged Family
Nursing 315. Embracing the Challenged Community
Spanish 100. Introductory Spanish I (F3)

Session VI (begins last week of September; 10 weeks):

Nursing 316. Applied Research in Nursing
Nursing 317. The Professional Nurse
Spanish105. Introductory Spanish II (F3)