Master of Science (MSN) Program Objectives

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Upon successful completion of the program of study, it is expected that the graduate will:

  1. Propose evidence-based solutions to practice dilemmas through synthesizing advanced theories from nursing and other disciplines that contribute to nursing knowledge
  2. Design interventions, projects, and programs that assure safe and quality health outcomes to meet the diverse and complex needs of individuals, families, and communities.
  3. Incorporate theories of nursing, leadership, and education into quality and performance initiatives within multidisciplinary settings.
  4. Advocate for the profession of nursing in the local, regional, national, and global community to influence health care through cultural sensitivity, ethical behavior, and civic engagement.
  5. Promote a culture of inquiry that transforms nursing practice through evidence-based and research initiatives.
  6. Demonstrate creative leadership to guide practice and impact health outcomes.
  7. Engage in moral and ethical decision making through adherence to professional standards of practice and codes of ethics and accountability