RN to BSN Nursing Courses

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NURS 324: Cornerstone of Professional Nursing  

Health care and nursing culture analyzed through perspectives in economics, public policy, ethics, demographics, and evolving global issues.  The use of inquiry into historical perspectives, practice standards, and theoretical models promotes the advancement of the nursing profession and improvement of the nursing profession and improvement of health care. Theory 3 hours per week.  Prerequisite:  RN students or RN licensure

NURS 331: Holistic Assessment

A course designed to develop knowledge and techniques for physical, psychosocial, functional, spiritual, and cultural assessments.  Assessment techniques will be applied in a laboratory practice environment and will include techniques to be used with individuals and families across the lifespan during various states of health.  Prerequisites: RN licensure or approved second- year students from the St Luke’s Hospital School of Nursing Diploma program. Theory 3 hours weekly, laboratory, 15 hours over the term.

NURS 332: Embracing the Dynamic and Challenged Communities

This course provides a foundation to facilitate community partnerships and collaboration in promoting health and accessing care in the community.  Students experience the nursing roles in multiple community settings to facilitate health in vulnerable populations.  Prerequisites:  Nursing 324, RN licensure. Theory 2 hours weekly, 50 project hours over the term.

NURS 333: Evidence- Based Nursing Practice 

This course provides an introduction to evidence-based clinical practice, with a particular emphasis on clinical nursing inquiry.  Students are introduced to methods that guide inquiry, including how to search for information on best practices, discern levels of evidence that guide practice, and critically appraise research and formulate novel questions that may lead to additional research-based projects. Prerequisites: Mathematics 107, Nursing 324, RN licensure. Theory 3 hours weekly, 25 project hours over the term.

NURS 334: The Professional Nurse as an Emerging Leader  

This course provides the RN student with an expanded view of the concepts of autonomy, interdependency, and collaboration as a professional nurse.  Particular emphasis will be placed on developing leadership qualities based upon the Transformational Model of Leadership.  Students will learn essential competencies needed to succeed in a variety of nurse leader roles.  Prerequisites: Nursing 324, RN licensure.  Theory 2 hours weekly, 50 project hours over the term.

NURS Elective: Approved Nursing Electives

Nursing elective courses might  include but are not limited to NURS 390-399, Special Topics; NURS 381-384, Independent Study. Prerequisite: RN licensure.