1.      The Mission of Moravian College


Moravian carries forward the work of John Amos Comenius, a pioneer of modern education and bishop of the founding church, who taught that intellectual and physical development and the cultivation of beliefs and values are inseparable from one’s personal and vocational aspirations. Drawing upon this tradition, Moravian College affirms:


• That those who teach and administer the work of the College have as their common and primary purpose the effective learning and the personal development of students;


• That teachers and students form a community which values scholarship and open inquiry, welcomes innovation, fosters a global perspective and the free exchange of ideas, and promotes public service and involvement in campus and community activities;


• That the best education brings together men and women of all ages, races, and convictions or religious faiths in a climate that cherishes equality, fosters diversity, promotes mutual respect, rewards personal achievement, and develops individual character and potential;


• That learning must be life-long and should be served by programs of continuing study, including advanced study in selected areas, that respond to society’s changing needs;


• That the work of the College can best be shaped by a process of shared governance and decision-making;


• That these values and commitments require a College of human scale which supports close personal and professional relationships and ready access to academic and administrative services.


The ultimate goal of a Moravian education is to lay the foundation for continued learning, useful participation in the work of the world, and a deeper enjoyment of life.