10.  Special Policies for Artist-Lecturers in Music


1.              All students receiving private studio instruction in music in college facilities must be registered through the music institute or music department.  Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the assistant dean for music.

2.              Studio space is provided to all artist-lecturers in music.  Please refer to sections 4.K. above for information on office/studio space.

3.              Benefits to artist-lecturers in music are listed in V. above.

4.              Artist-lecturers are obligated to make up any lessons which they cancel.  They are not obligated to make up lessons cancelled by the students.

5.              Payroll generally follows the policies outlined in 3.B. above.  However, in order to be paid for lessons, artist-lecturers must submit proper lesson confirmations to the music institute secretary by the dates announced.

6.              Artist-lecturers teaching college lessons must distribute studio instruction evaluation forms, available in the music office, at the end of each term.

7.              Artist-lecturers teaching music majors must participate in the end-of-term juries each fall and spring term.  Absences must be cleared in advance by the department chair.  Participation on a jury panel replaces the 13th week of lessons for music majors.

8.              Artist-lecturers in music are ranked on a 3-tiered (rather than 5-tiered) salary scale, as determined by the assistant dean for music in consultation with the music department chair.

9.              Use of studios, practice rooms, and concert halls for personal reasons or professional duties not explicitly tied to Moravian College or the Moravian College Music Institute is strictly prohibited.  All non-scheduled use of music department facilities must be approved in advance by the assistant dean for music and/or department chair, and must be arranged with the facilities coordinator for music.