Moravian College

Add-Venture: Liberal Arts Education Done Your Way

Add-Venture is a unique program that allows students maximum flexibility in shaping their undergraduate studies. Add-Venture appeals especially to students whose interests are wide-ranging and who wish to study two or more fields in depth, making it difficult, if not impossible, to complete the usual degree requirements in four years. It is also suited to students who already have a significant background in the liberal arts through their high school and life experiences.

Like other students at Moravian, Add-Venture students complete 32 course units (128 credits), including a First Year Seminar Course and a writing-intensive course in their field of major study, as well as maintaining an overall GPA of at least 2.0. Beyond that, and in close consultation with their faculty mentor, Add-Venture students have full freedom and choice in outlining their course schedules and four-year curriculum, subject to the requirements of whatever major or program they choose. In contrast, our other undergraduate students complete between 9 and 11 courses from our Learning in Common framework that ensures students receive a well-rounded liberal arts background in addition to the requirements for their major or program of study.

Add-Venture students may select their courses from within any department at Moravian, creating an individualized course of study to develop the skills and talents they need most, even if that plan doesn't match the established norms of the Moravian College curriculum. More than 500 students have designed their own programs of study through the Add-Venture Program, providing the tools to go on to careers and graduate studies uniquely suited to their desires, goals, and personal skills and talents.

Admission to Add-Venture is competitive with a maximum of 20 new first year students admitted to the program each year. Selection is made by a committee which bases its decision on the Add-Venture application, SAT or ACT scores, and high school record. Each student selected for Add-Venture is matched with a faculty mentor who will work closely with the student throughout his or her stay at Moravian.

To be eligible for consideration in the Add-Venture program, students must apply no later than April 15th, 2016. The application questions will assist the Add-Venture Committee in learning about each applicant’s experiences within and outside the classroom that have prepared the student to participate in this program as well as each student’s interest in this program.

If you have questions about Add-Venture, please use the “Learn More” button below or call Admissions at 610.861.1320.