President’s Greetings, Founder’s Day Lovefeast

Good morning… and welcome back.

Only a few days ago, a happy but very tired group of young women… all of them Moravian students… returned to our almost-empty campus in a long touring bus. All their fellow classmates had left for the summer… and as they stepped off the bus, a small gathering of cheering faculty and staff met them. We were cheering because these young ladies… members of the Moravian College softball team… had done something truly remarkable. For the past five days in the NCAA college world series, they had played and defeated bigger, stronger teams … from schools 10 times larger than Moravian… and had fallen just one game short of winning the national championship.

As I survey this wonderful hall this morning, I know that not very long ago, each of you filled this campus with the same indomitable spirit, the same boundless energy…. and the same Moravian character… that our young softball players demonstrated so well. And as you fill these spaces today with your delightful memories and voices…in recollection, reminiscence, and song… you should know that your own Moravian past… your shared heritage…is still very much alive.

It is more than a photo in a yearbook… more than a remembered adventure… perhaps even more than an old, cherished friendship. Your past also lives on in the promising future of a young woman, Moravian diploma in hand, who is bound for graduate or medical school…. or in the grit and heart of a young softball player, Moravian pride in hand, who is absolutely unafraid of giants. Indeed, I would suggest that while you are here…in these halls and rooms that still resound with music and laughter and learning…. you should not look to a mirror for a true reflection of yourselves. Look instead in the bright eyes of a Moravian freshman… full of wonder and excitement… who is first setting foot on campus.

Thank you so much for coming back… and for a legacy that continues to inspires and leads us.

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