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Collection:  Student Theses and Papers

Dates:  1870-1952

Collection No.:  A-12

Access:  Collection is open for research use.

Copyright:  Reproductions may be made for "private study, scholarship or research" in

accordance with the copyright law of the United States.  Permission to publish material in this collection must be sought in writing from the College Archivist. 

Citation:  [Item], Student Theses and Papers, 1870-1952.  Moravian College and Moravian Theological Seminary Archives.




Scope Note:  The Student Theses and Papers Collection contains the undergraduate and graduate writings of students of the Moravian College for Men and the Moravian Theological Seminary.  Included are theses for the Bachelor of Arts, Divinity and Science as well as some Masters theses and course papers.  Folders often include approval sheets signed by an advising professor or simply a signature of approval.  Folders are arranged alphabetically by student name and alphabetically by title.



BA        Bachelor of Arts

BD        Bachelor of Divinity

BS        Bachelor of Science

MA       Master of Arts



Box 1





Folder 1            Abel, A.  The Requisites of a Successful Pastor.  1890(?)

Folder 2            Abernethy, Charlotte M.  Intra-mural Athletics in the High School

Curriculum.  1935

Folder 3            Ackerman, Cleon C.  Is a High-school Course in Chemistry of any Benefit

to those Students who Continue the Study of Chemistry in

College?  1932

Folder 4            Adams, Charles B.  Contributions of Psychology to the Interpretation of

                                    Religious Experience.  1931

Folder 5            Akey, Wallace.  George Bernard Shaw:  Man and Playwright.  (BA) 1938

Folder 6            Albertine, Michael V.  Quatre-Vingt-Treize (A Translation).  (BA) 1940

Folder 7            Albrecht, Charles A.  The Efficacy of Prayer.  1904

Folder 8            Albrecht, Charles C.  The Social Problems of a Community Dominated by

                                    a Single Industry.  (BS) n.d.

Folder 9            Albrecht, Conrad E.  Life of Bishop David Nitschmann.  (BD) 1928

Folder 10           Albrecht, Conrad E.  The American Epic being a Thesis Based on the

                                    Leather Stocking Tales of James Fenimore Cooper.  (BA) 1926

Folder 11           Albright, Samuel Charles.  Prophecy in the Relation to the Christian

Ministry. 1898

Folder 12           Albright, S. (Samuel) C.  The Early English Literature:  A Classical

Essay.  1896

Folder 13           Albright, S.C.  A Brief History of Moravian Psalmody and Hymnody. n.d.

Folder 14           Albright, Raymond C.  Aeschylus and the Origin of the Greek Drama. 


Folder 15           Alexy, David D.T.  Psychology of Color.  (BS) n.d.

Folder 16           Allam, LeRoy S.  The Origin and Development of Roman Satire (Up to

                                    and including Juvenal).  1916

Folder 17           Allam, LeRoy S.  German Education since the War.  1930

Folder 18           Allen, Paul J.  Wordsworth.  1916

Folder 19           Allen, Samuel.  The Angels.  1894

Folder 20           Allen, Samuel.  The Wise Men Coming to Bethlehem.  [1894]

Folder 21           Allen, Walser H.  The Rise of British Maritime Power During the Tudor

                                    Period.  (BD) 1918

Folder 22           Allen, Walser H., Jr.  Benjamin Ingham and the Moravian Brethren

                                    (“His Yorkshire Societies and His Relation to Fulneck

                                    Settlement”).  1950

Folder 23           Allen, William.  The Sacraments.  1890

Folder 24           Ammann, Ernest.  Education in Chaos.  (BA) 1942

Folder 25           Amos, Richard F.  A Critical Study of the Life and Ecclesiastical History

                        of Eusebius Pamphilus of Caesarea.  (BD) 1945

Folder 26           Anderko, Frank C.  Labor Disturbances (1893-1904).  (BS) n.d.

Folder 27           Andorker, Frank G.  Lycanthropic Legends in Germany.  (BS) 1935

Folder 28           Andrews, Ernest F.  Alexander Hamilton:  Advocate and Interpreter

                                    of the Constitution.  (BA) 1942

Folder 29           Andrews, Mark J.  The Strength and Weakness of Feudalism.  1910

Folder 30           Appel, B.  The Importance of Studying Individual Characteristics in

                                    Children.  1933

Folder 31           Auerbach, Nathan P.  Behaviorism:  An Attempted Review.  1934

Folder 32           Aykroyd, George O.  A Comparison Between the Ethical Teachings of

                                    St. Paul and Seneca.  1928.

Folder 33           Aykroyd, George O.  The Life and Works of Cneius Naevius.  n.d.

Folder 34           Bade, William F.  The Kuenen-Wellhausen Theory:  Authorship of the

                                    Pentateuch Examined.  1892

Folder 35           Bade, William F.  Nicodemus and the Woman of Samaria with the Great

                                    Teacher.  1894

Folder 36           Bahnsen, Paul G.  George Eliot – as Pertains to her Delineation of

                                    Character.  n.d.

Folder 37           Bahnsen, R.  The Choir System.  1911

Folder 38           Bahnson, George F.  (Classical essay on Greek theme in English).  1875

Folder 39           Bahnson, Roland.  The “Antigone” of Sophocles.  1909

Folder 40           Barnes, J. Calvin  A Historical and Critical Study of Shakespeare’s

                                    “Henry IV,” Parts I & II Stressing the Character of Falstaff.

                                    (BA) 1936

Folder 41           Barnes, J. Calvin.  A Study of the American Moravian Sunday School

                                    (Southern Province).  1939

Folder 42           Bassett, Ralph C.  The Psychology of Handwriting.  1928

Folder 43           Bassett, T. Robert.  A Study of the Statistical Growth of the Moravian

                                    Church in America.  (BD) 1940

Folder 44           Bassett, T. Robert.  Love:  A Philosophy of Life.  1929

Folder 45           Bath, Clair N.  History of the Amendments to the Constitution of

                                    the United States.  (BA) 1939

Folder 46           Bauder, Paul D.  Dissertation and Workbook on Sentence-Diagramming.

                                    (MA) 1936

Folder 47           Bauman, Earl J.  The History of the Moravian Preparatory School.  (BS)


Folder 48           Bealer, Ralph G.  The Classical and New Testament Uses of Logos.  (BA)


Folder 49           Bear, L.B.  The Atonement.  1882

Folder 50           Beck, James M.  Washington and Rome.  1880

Folder 51           Beck, Paul E.  Does Geology Prove the Existence of a Creator.  1889

Folder 52           Beck, Paul E.  Psychology and Music.  1928

Folder 53           Behrend, Wilbur W.  The Holy Spirit in the New Testament.  (BD) 1949

Folder 54           Behrens, Clayton R.  The Condition and Adequacy of the Moravian

                                    Church Buildings of the Northern Province.  (BD) 1940

Folder 55           Behrens, Clayton R.  The Educational Principles of John Amos

                                    Comenius and their Influence upon Modern Education.  (BA)




Box 2





Folder 1            Beisiegel, Walter E.  The Work of the Laity in the Church (Especially

                                    in Country Congregations).  n.d.

Folder 2            Beisiegel, Walter E.  Luther and his Place in History.  1909

Folder 3            Bell, Richard D.  Development of Methodism in Northampton County.

                                    (BA) 1937

Folder 4            Benner, Bernard S.  The Abolition Movement as a Factor in Sectional

                                    Conflict.  (BA) 1942

Folder 5            Bennett, J. Kenneth.  Monastic Education.  (BS) 1923

Folder 6            Bennick, Hugh R.  The Life, the Works, and the Times of Henrik Ibsen

                                    (1828-1906).  (BA) 1941

Folder 7            Bernhardt, Willard C.  A Study of the Civilians’ Conservation Corps and

                                    its Educational Program.  (BA) 1939

Folder 8            Bilheimer, Harold F.  Education in Industry.  (BA) 1942

Folder 9            Bilheimer, Willard H.  The Contribution of Journalism to Modern

                                    Literature.  (BA) 1940

Folder 10           Billheimer, Paul G.  The Development of Aviation.  1918

Folder 11           Birkel, Benedict H.  Embryology of the Dogfish:  A Generalized

                                    Vertebrate.  (BS) 1934

Folder 12           Biro, Zoltan B.  The Effects of Music on the Mind.  1933

Folder 13           Bishop, John D.  Pomponius Mela:  A Study.  (BA) 1940

Folder 14           Bishop, R.  The Origin of Man.  1912

Folder               Bishop, R.F.  A Brief Account of the Moravian Mission Settlements

                                    in the Lehigh Valley (1741-1765).  1912 Oversize

Folder               Bishop, Rufus F.  The Contributions of Comenius to Pedagogy.  1910


Folder 15           Bishop, Rufus N.  The Martyrdom of John Huss.  1881

Folder 16           Blank, Joseph  The Effects of Refined Sugar on the Calcium Content

                                    of the Body.  1933

Folder 17           Bock, Louis.  A Psychology of Crime.  n.d.

Folder 18           Boehmer, A.  Mohammed.  1877

Folder 19           Bollin, William H.  A Brief Examination of the Alien Races in America.

                                    (BS) 1912

Folder 20           Bollmann, Ruben D.  The Efficacy of Prayer.  (BD) 1933

Folder 21           Bollmann, Ruben D.  Play in the Primary and Secondary School

                                    Curriculum.  1930

Folder 22           Bornman, Charles J.  Moravian Itinerants in Pennsylvania, Especially

                                    Among the Germans.  1910

Folder 23           Bornman, Charles J.  The Services of Monachism from Anthony and

                                    Benedict to Luther and Loyola.  1908

Folder 24           Bornman, Ralph H.  The Conception of Immortality in the Religions

                                    of the World.  n.d.

Folder 25           Bornman, Robert M.  A Community Study of Emmaus Pennsylvania.

                                    (BA) 1939

Folder 26           Brader, James C.  History and Description of the Northern Anthracite

                                    Coal Region (Wyoming Vein).  1932

Folder 27           Brandafi, Stephen J.  Disraeli vs. Gladstone.  (BA) 1940

Folder 28           Brennecke, Gerhard C.  A Revision of the Provincial Digest

Supplementary to the Synods of 1899 and 1903.  1906

Folder 29           Brennecke, Gerhard C.  Gnosticism.  1904

Folder 30           Brennecke, Robert H.  The Historical Development and Mission of

                                    Libraries.  1898

Folder 31           Brennecke, Robert H.  Sanctification.  1900

Folder 32           Brickenstrein, J.H.  Gregory VII and Henry IV.  1880  ??

Folder 33           Brown, Arthur H., Jr.  The Life and Labors of Adoniram Judson in

                                    Rangoon, Burmah (1813-1823).  n.d.

Folder 34           Brown, Charles E.  Integration.  (BS) 1940

Folder 35           Brown, Franklin J.  Music and Psychology.  1930

Folder 36           Brown, Nevin  Dwarf Legends of Northern Germany and Holland.  (BS)


Folder 37           Brown, Theodore A.  A Psychological Study of the Criminal.  1931

Folder 38           Brown, William H.  The Need for Social Control.  n.d.

Folder 39           Brubaker, H. Clarence  The Value of Art and Culture on Moral

                                    Development.  (BS) n.d.

Folder 40           Bruckart, James O.  A Comparison of the Doctrine of God the Father

                                    in the Writings of Karl Barth and Emil Brunner.  (BD) 1949

Folder 41           Bruner, Jonas G.  The Second Coming of Christ.  1915

Folder 42           Brunner, Edmund des  Aspects of American Rural Life.  (PhD) 1914

Folder 43           Brunner, Edmund des  A History of Moravian Missions to the Indians

                                    of Southern California.  (PhD) [1914]

Folder 44           Brunner, Edmund des  An Inquiry into the Natural Causes for the

                                    Resuscitation of the Ancient Unitas Fratrum.  1911

Folder 45           Brunner, Edmund des  The Problem of the Rural Community and

                                    Small Town.  n.d.

Folder 46           Brunner, ?  Wordsworth:  The Premier Poet of the Lake School.  1909

Folder 47           Burcin, Michael L.  Translation of “Scenes of the French Revolution (by)

                                    Lamartine.  (BA) 1942

Folder 48           Burkhardt, John L.  Puritanism in Early New England Literature.  (BA)


Folder 49           Butler, William R.  A New Epoch in Railroad Electrification.  (BS) n.d.

Folder 50           Butzin, Arthur F.  Comenius:  His Influence on Education.  1908

Folder 51           Butzin, Arthur F.  The History of Moravian Missions in Alaska (and in

                                    particular since 1900).  1909

Folder 52           Buzzard, Donald R.  Health and Physical Education in the Public School.

                                    (BA) 1939

Folder 53           Byrne, Thomas J.  The History of Inflation and its Effects on the Property

                                    of Nations.  (BS) 1937


Box 3





Folder 1            Campbell, Franklin  Sterben:  A Study in the Effects of the Idea of

                                    Death.  (BS) 1935

Folder 2            Cassara, Carl  The Education of the Ancient Greeks.  1925

Folder 3            Castiello, Pasquale E.  Some Concepts of the Theory of Equations.

                                    (BS) 1940

Folder 4            Chadwick, I. Howard  Huldreich Zwingli and his Influence on the

                                    City of Zurich.  (BA) 1939

Folder 5            Chanitz, Joseph G.  The Unification of Italy (1815-1870).  (BS) 1937

Folder 6            Chiles, Edgar H.  Commerce to the Hanseatic League.  (BS) 1935

Folder 7            Chiles, Sinclair W., Jr.  The Social and Economic Position of Women

                                    in Ancient Greece.  (BS) n.d.

Folder               Christ, R.H.  Thesis on the Algebraic Theories of the Moment of Inertia. 

n.d.  Oversize

Folder 8            Christianson, Earl H.  The History of Green Bay Wisconsin (1634-1812).


Folder 9            Christianson, Earl H.  The History of Israel during the Reign of

                                    Jeroboam the Second.  (BD) 1926

Folder 10           Clark, A. Neill  Music:  Its Psychological Effects on Mind & Mood.  n.d.

Folder 11           Clark, James L.  The Development of Logarithms.  (BS) 1943)

Folder 12           Clewell, E.L.  Mysticism:  A Thesis.  (BA) 1916

Folder 13           Clewell, George A.  An Examination of the Cement Rock and Portland

                                    Cement of the Nazareth Portland Cement Company, Nazareth,

                                    Pennsylvania.  (BS) 1920

Folder 14           Clewell, J.H.  Campaigns of Phyrrhus in Italy.  1874

Folder 15           Clewell, J.H.  What One Class of the Stoics Taught.  1895

Folder 16           Clewell, R.E.  Divine Instruction from the Lips of a Divine Instructor.


Folder 17           Clewell, Robert E.  Parable of the Ten Virgins.  [1892]

Folder 18           Conka, Charles R.  Austria of Today.  (BS) 1935

Folder 19           Connolly, William A.  Panama Canal.  1929

Folder 20           Compardo, John  Frederick the Great’s Influence on German Literature.

                                    (BA) 1942

Folder 21           Conrad, Donald W.  Christian Martyrs and Persecutions during the

                                    Reign of Diocletian.  (BD) 1929

Folder 22           Conrad, Donald W.  A Thesis on John Amos Comenius and his

                                    Contributions to Education.  n.d.

Folder 23           Cope, Charles A.  The Benefits Derived from the Study of Literature.


Folder 24           Cope, Charles A.  The Duties of a Preacher.  1898

Folder 25           Cope, W.A.  Was the Deluge Universal?  1878

Folder 26           Couillard, Vernon W.  The Moravian Influence on Incipient

                                    Methodism as Exemplified in the Life of John Wesley

                                    During the “Years of Transition” (1737-1740).  (BD) n.d.

Folder 27           Cranford, William A., Jr.  A History of Christ Moravian Church.  (BD)


Folder 28           Crist, George J.  The Life and Times of Savonarola.  1898

Folder 29           Crist, George J.  The Return of Christ.  1900

Folder 30           Crosland, Edward  Our Greenland Mission.  [1892]

Folder 31           Crosland, Edward F.  Thomas of Aquino.  [1892]

Folder 32           Crouch, Charles D.  Isaiah as a Politician and Social Reformer.  1900

Folder 33           Crouch, C(harles) D.  Shakespeare and his Drama.  1898

Folder 34           Crouch, Clyde E.  The Southern Mountaineer as He is Today.  (BS) 1935

Folder 35           Cruickshank, J. Herbert  The Drama of the Elizabethan Era.  [1905]

Folder 36           Cruickshank, J. Herbert  The Educational Work of John Amos Comenius. 


Folder               Curnow, Richard J. Six Stars in New England Literature.  1906  Oversize

Folder 37           Cyphers, Earl T.  The Public Career of James Monroe.  1921

Folder 38           Daetwyler, Vernon E.  Foreign Factors in the Failure of the Jacobite

                                    Movement in 1715.  (BA) 1942

Folder 39           Daetwyler, Vernon E.  St. Basil’s Defense of the Doctrines of the Son

                                    and of the Holy Spirit.  (BD) 1945

Folder 40           Dalling, James R.  God’s Dealing with Israel.  [1900]

Folder 41           Danneberger, Adolph O.  The Present Status of the Silk Industry.  (BA)


Folder 42           Dartt, Robert L.  Some Feminine Aspects of Modern American Poetry.

                                    (MA) 1938

Folder 43           Dartt, Robert L.  A Thesis upon the Public Relations of Church and

                                    College.  1933

Folder 44           Dech, Herbert H.  Nero:  The Product of Two Roman Aristocracies.  (BA)


Folder 45           Deer, Irvin E.  Premonitions of the Reformation in Fourteenth Century

                                    England, being chiefly a discussion of the life of John Wiclif.  n.d.

Folder 46           Deily, Robert M.  Dynamic Psychology.  n.d.

Folder 47           Deily, Robert M.  Relation of Junior Business Training to the Cardinal

                                    Principles of Secondary Education.  (BS) 1935

Folder 48           Delbo, Ale  The Renaissance in Italy of Architecture, Sculpture and

Painting.  1898

Folder 49           DePue, Richard P.  The History of the French Huguenots in Colonial

                                    America.  (BA) 1942

Folder 50           DeSchweintz, Bernard  The Virgilian Idea of Hades.  1874

Folder 51           DeSchweintz, George  The Manners of the Greeks and Trojans as

Mentioned in Homer.  n.d.

Folder 52           DeSimone, George J.  The Organic Chemistry Behind Military

                                    Explosives.  (BS) 1942

Folder 53           Detterer, Ernst F.  Quintus Horatius Flaccus.  1908

Folder 54           Detterer, F.  The Unjust Judge.  [1908]

Folder 55           Dickinson, Thomas L.  The Muhammadans (Arabs).  (BA) 1939

Folder 56           Dietrich, Warren C., Jr.  The Precipitation of the Cations with Sodium

                                    Carbonate in the Presence of Phosphates and Oxalates with

                                    Special Reference to Barium.  (BS) 1934

Folder 57           DiFazio, Santo S.  The Eighteenth Century French Literature.  1929

Folder 58           Dittmer, James P.  The Early Life of the Apostle Paul.  (BA) 1936

Folder 59           Donchez, Stephen J.  A Style Book for the Comenian.  (BA) 1938

Folder 60           Dorn, Elmer S.  The Psychology of Goals.  (BS) 1933

Folder 61           Dornblaser, William  The Junior College Movement in the United

                                    States.  1932

Folder 62           Dornblaser, William D.  Sigmund Freud and Psychoanalysis.  1934

Folder               Doster, Wadsworth  Socialism:  Its Facts and Fancies.  1908 Oversize

Folder 63           Drebert, Ernest  The Development of the Eighteenth Century Novel

                                    and its Didactic Tendency.  1910

Folder 64           Drebert, Ernest  The Moravian Choir System.  1912

Folder 65           Drebert, Ferdinand  Geology and Genesis.  n.d.

Folder 66           Dreger, Wilfred L.  The Celebration and Doctrine of Holy Communion

                                    in the Ancient Unity.  (BD) 1945

Folder 67           Duper, Roy E.  Thomas Cranmer and the Book of Common Prayer.  (BA)


Folder 68           Durham, J.R., Jr.  The Instinct Theory.  n.d.



Box 4




Folder 1            Eichman, Charles W.  An Evaluation of the Modern Church in the

                                    Light of its Divine Origin.  (BD) 1951

Folder 2            Eisenhardt, W. Roy  Sociological Changes in an Industrial Community.

                                    (BA) 1940

Folder 3            Eldredge, H. Van Ness  The Influence of Sea Power upon England.  (BA)


Folder 4            Emerson, Ralph  Frequency Modulation.  1943

Folder 5            Emery, William R.  (History of Albany, New York).  n.d.

Folder 6            Engelke, Herbert J.  A Historical Sketch of Early Education in Wisconsin.


Folder 7            Engelke, Herbert J.  A History of the Moravians in Wisconsin.  n.d.

Folder 8            Erickson, John  Christ and the Saddusees.  [1892]

Folder 9            Erickson, John  Paul the Apostle.  [1892]

Folder 10           Evans, Earl S.  Helium and its Economic Value.  n.d.

Folder 11           Evans, Earl S.  Political Life of Robert Stewart Viscount

                                    Castlereagh.  (MA) 1934

Folder 12           Evans, Earl S.  Viscount Castlereagh.  n.d.

Folder 13           Evans, Granville  Attila as He Appeared in Germanic Legends.  (BS) 1938

Folder 14           Everett, Francis M.  A Cross-section of American Literature.  1938

Folder 15           Everroad, Ralph W.  A History of Southern Fiction.  (BA) 1918

Folder 16           Farny, Robert P.  O. Henry as Others See Him.  (BA) 1938

Folder 17           Fedko, Alexander H.  The Development of Ukrainian Culture.  1934

Folder 18           Fehr, Donald P.  Religious Education as the Way Out for Youth.  (BS)


Folder 19           Felsberg (Falsberg), Francis C.  The Two Natures in Christ.  1882

Folder 20           Filippone, Nicholas S.  Brief History of Industrial Education and its

                                    Developments in the State of New Jersey.  n.d.

Folder 21           Finn, John T.  Physical Education and its Relation to General Education.

                                    (BS) 1934

Folder 22           Fischer, Edward L.  The Fundamental Ethical Principles of Socrates in the

                                    Light of Jesus’ Teachings.  (BA) 1937

Folder 23           Fischer, Edward L.  A Study of the American Moravian Sunday School

                                    (Northern Province – Eastern District).  (BD) 1940

Folder 24           Flaer, Louis  A Partial Study of the Toxic and Therapeutic Effects

                                    of Copper on the Human Body and its Use as a Coloring

                                    Agent in Preserved Green Vegetables.  (BS) 1936

Folder 25           Flath, Arnold W.  The Art of Morals.  (BA) n.d.

Folder 26           Flickinger, George L.  William Penn and his Plans for Pennsylvania. 


Folder 27           Flinn, Victor G.  Vitality in Prophecy.   [1900]

Folder 28           Fluck, W.H.  The Development of the English Drama.  1894

Folder 29           Fluck, W.H.  The Immanuel of Isaiah.  1896

Folder 30           Fluck, W.H.  Mollusca, with Special Reference to the Fauna of

                                    Nicaragua.  n.d.

Folder 31           Forrest, William L.  Comparison of Prestone and Atlas Perma Guard.

                                    (BS) 1940

Folder 32           Foust, Donald  The Age of Chaucer in English Literature.  n.d.

Folder 33           Francke, A.  Sanctification.  1898

Folder 34           Francke, A.H.  Catechetics and Religious Activity, College Hill

                                    Church (1911-1933).  (BD) 1934

Folder 35           Francke, Arthur E.  Literature of the Ancient Unitas Fratrum.  1906

Folder 36           Frey, Charles  History of Hellertown.  (BA) 1938

Folder 37           Fritchman, James W.  Ludwig Thoma:  A German Humorist.  (BA) 1941

                                    (includes handwritten draft)

Folder 38           Fry, Frank M.  Miracles and the Christian Religion.  1902

Folder 39           Fry, Frank M.  The Rise of the English Novel.  [1900]

Folder 40           Fulmer, Frederick G.A.  The Fundamental Proofs of the Christian

                                    Religion.  (BD) n.d.

Folder 41           Fulmer, Frederick G.  The Golden Age of Greek Tragedy.  n.d.

Folder 42           Funk, Henry D.  The Necessity of Rhythm in the Arts.  n.d.

Folder 43           Gano, William P., Jr.  German Drama:  The Passion Play of

                                    Oberammergau.  n.d.

Folder 44           Gapp, J. Walter  The Law of Neural Habit.  1904

Folder 45           Gapp, Samuel V.  The Four Romances of Nathaniel Hawthorne.  (BA)


Folder 46           Gapp, S(amuel) H.  The Origins of the Unitas Fratrum.  1892

Folder 47           Gapp, Samuel Henry.  Psychology and the Soul.  1911-1912

Folder 48           Gapp, S(amuel) H.  The Qualifications of the Successful Minister of the

                                    Present Age.  1894

Folder 49           Gapp, S(amuel) H.  The Suffering Servant in Isaiah.  (MA) n.d.

Folder 50           Gardner, Charles F.  Exporting to Latin America.  (BA) n.d.

Folder 51           Garrity, T.P.  Psychological Analysis of the Educational Systems of

                                    Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.  (BS) 1936

Folder 52           Gatch, Andrew P.  The Economic Development of Slavery in America

                                    up to the Civil War.  (BS) n.d.

Folder 53           Gehring, Charles H., Jr.  Extra-curricular Activities in the Secondary

                                    Schools.  (BA) 1939

Folder 54           Gerdsen, H.A.  Existence and Nature of Evil Spirits.  1880

Folder 55           Gerdsen, William D.  Shakespeare’s Tragedies, an Appreciation.  1928

Folder 56           Gerdsen, William D.  A Study of Some of the Rarer Chemical Elements.

                                    (BS) n.d.

Folder 57           Getz, Martin H.  A Study of Twentieth Century Trends in Aesthetics.  (BA)


Folder 58           Geyer, Charles E.  National Socialism Movement and National Socialistic

                                    Party in Germany.  (BS) 1935

Folder 59           Giering, Robert I.  Luke and his Gospel.  n.d.

Folder 60           Giering, Robert I.  Socializing Influences in the Individual:  Sympathy,

                                    Imitation, Suggestion.  n.d.

Folder 61           Gilbert, John W.  The Life of John Wesley.  (BA) 1942

Folder 62           Gillespie, H.T.D.  Political and Economic Background of the French

                                    Revolution of 1848 and of the Coup D’etat of 1851.  n.d.

Folder 63           Gilley, Walter B.  Parzival.  (BA) 1942

Folder 64           Gleiser, H(enry) G.  The Condition of the Jews at the Time of Christ’s

                                    Birth.  [1880]

Folder 65           Gleiser, Henry G.  The Sin against the Holy Ghost.  1880

Folder 66           Godkin, Willard J.  The Precipitation of the Cations with Sodium

                                    Carbonate in the Presence of Phosphates and Oxalates with

Special Reference to Chromium. (BS) 1933

Folder 67           Goerner, Martin H.  A History of the Carib Indians on the Island of

                                    St. Croix.  (BS) 1936

Folder 68           Goserud, John S.  God’s Foreknowledge and the Freedom of Man’s

                                    Will.  (BD) n.d.


 Box 5




Folder 1            Grabow, Rudolph J.  Greek Culture and its Influence.  [1900]

Folder 2            Grabow, R(udolph) J.  The Hebrew Sacrifice in its Relation to Christ.


Folder 3            Graeff, Harlan S.  Schiller’s Concept of Liberty as Revealed in his

                                    “Wilhelm Tell.”  (BA) 1932

Folder 4            Graeff, Walter C., Jr.  The Feudal Landlord and Tenant of the Ancient

                                    Feudal Tenures.  (BA) 1935

Folder 5            Graf, Vernon I.  Psychology of Friendship.  n.d.

Folder 6            Grams, Roy  The Life and Work of Peter Boehler.  n.d.

Folder 7            Grams, Roy  Nietzsche and his Philosophy.  1928

Folder 8            Green, William A.  Endocrine Glands and their Relation to the

                                    Nervous System.  (BS) 1931

Folder 9            Greenfield, John  Christ in the Pentateuch.  n.d.

Folder 10           Greetham, James E.  The Bethlehem Steel Bridgeport Quarry.  (BS) 1936

Folder 11           Greider, E(dwin)  The Age of Theseus.  1875

Folder 12           Greider, Edwin C.  The Days of Brutus & Caesar.  c. 1870s

Folder 13           Grigg, Morrell E.  An Evaluation of a Secondary School Library

                                    (Bangor High School’s Library).  (BA) 1941

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                                    Guidance.  1920

Folder 17           Gross, James F.  Erasmus and the Reformation.  n.d.

Folder 18           Gross, James  Zeisberger’s Work at New Salem, Ohio.  (BD) 1931

Folder 19           Gross, Paul  The Influence of Astronomy on the Religious Beliefs of

                                    Mankind.  1900

Folder 20           Gross, P.E.  The Conflict between Faith and Reason.  [1902]

Folder 21           Gross, Reuben H.  An Appreciation of Virgil’s “Aeneid.”  1930

Folder 22           Gross, William H.  Some Lyrics from the Early Germans.  (BS) 1935

Folder 23           Grosset, John P.  Duodecimal Arithmetic.  (BS) 1942

Folder 24           Grunert, F.E.  The Calvinistic Doctrine on Predestination.  1880

Folder 25           Gutensohn, Charles  The Early History of the Wesleyan Movement.  1912

Folder 26           Gutensohn, Charles A.  Historical Sketch of Protective Legislation.  1910

Folder 27           Gutensohn, Samuel G.  German Universities.  [1917]

Folder 28           Hacket, David R.  The Rehabilitation of Physically Handicapped

Children.  (MA) 1941

Folder 29           Hackman, Randolph  The Burning and Clinkering of Portland Cement. 

                                    (BS) n.d.

Folder 30           Haehnle, Charles A.  The Characteristics of the Gospel of Matthew.  1883

Folder 31           Hagen, Ernest S.  The Inspiration of the Bible.  1887

Folder 32           Hagen, Ernest S., Jr.  Roman Oratory during the Age of the Republic. 


Folder 33           Hagen, J. Francis  Charles Dickens, Novelist.  1910

Folder 34           Hall, James E.  Athens in the Age of Pericles.  1874

Folder 35           Hall, James E.  Hannibal’s March from Spain to Italy.  1875

Folder 36           Hamilton, Arthur B.  Racine and his “Athalie.”  1909

Folder 37           Hamilton, J.T.  (What Now? – Classical essay on Greek theme).  1875

Folder 38           Hamilton, Kenneth G.  Gnadenhuetten on the Huron or Four Years of

Moravian Missionary Undertaking.  1914

Folder 39           Hamilton, Kenneth G.  The Golden Age of Greek Tragedy.  1912

Folder 40           Hammer, John B.  The Moravian Standpoint in Regard to Dogmatics.


Folder 41           Hansen, Robert E.  A Comparative Study of the Greek Employed in the

                                    Words of Institution of the Lord’s Supper as Found in the New

                                    Testament and Various Early Liturgies.  1940

Folder 42           Hark, Hugo C.  John Milton.  1894

Folder 43           Harke, Albert  The Catacombs of Rome.  n.d.

Folder 44           Harke, Albert J.  History of the Moravian Text Book.  (BD) 1912

Folder 45           Harke, Albert F.  William Farel.  (BA) 1943

Folder 46           Harner, Wayne T.  Hebrew Religion in the Mosaic Age.  [1916]

Folder 47           Harris, Wallace H.  The Life and Influence of the Reverend George

                                    Whitefield.  1943

Folder 48           Hartmann, H.J.  Requisites for a Successful Pastor.  1889

Folder 49           Hartman, Paul V.  Explosives.  n.d.

Folder 50           Hartzell, Richard W.  Teacher Tenure in the United States.  (MA) 1941

Folder 51           Hassler, Paul D.  Early Educational Efforts of the Commonwealth of

                                    Pennsylvania.  1919

Folder 52           Hassler, Roy D.  The Manufacture of Soaps and the Determination of

                                    their Value in the Arts.  (BS) 1915

Folder 53           Haupert, Albert  Herod Antipas.  1887

Folder 54           Haupert, Raymond S.  An Account of the Saxon Settlement of Britain

                                    up to the Establishment of the Octarchy.  (BA) n.d.

Folder 55           Haupert, Raymond S.  Peter Boehler:  His Life and Work.  (BD) n.d.

Folder 56           Hawk, Willard G.  A Brief History of St. Paul’s Reformed Congregation.

                                    (BA) 1938


Box 6






Folder 1            Heath, Edwin J.  The Cell and its Mitotic Figure.  n.d.

Folder 2            Heath, Edwin J.  The Psychological Determination of the Religious

                                    Affections.  1904

Folder 3            Heath, Edwin J.  The Role of the Roman Slave and Freedman.  1917

Folder 4            Heidenreich, George A.  Antigone.  [1900]

Folder 5            Heidenreich, George A.  Atonement as an Intuitive Idea.  1902

Folder 6            Heidenreich, John R.  Sciences in Secondary Education.  n.d.

Folder 7            Heilman, James W.  Effect of Radio and Cinema upon General

                                    Public’s Speech.  (BA) 1939

Folder 8            Heim, Eugene A.  The Golden Period of Latin Literature or the

                                    Augustine Age.  1898

Folder 9            Heim, Eugene A.  The Nature of God.  1900

Folder 10           Heise, Otto E.  The Germans and the Arminins.  1894

Folder 11           Heise, Otto E.  The Practicality of the Doctrine of Predestination. 


Folder 12           Heller, James M.  The Hebrew Poetry of the Bible.  n.d.

Folder 13           Helmich, Allen M.  A History of Ancient American Architecture.

                                    (BS) n.d.

Folder 14           Helmich, Carl J.  The Historic Position of the Moravian Church on

                                    Church Unity.  n.d.

Folder 15           Helmich, Carl J.  Islam:  Its Rise and Spread.  n.d.

Folder 16           Helmich, David  Eine Abhandelung uber Gothes Faust (An Essay on

Goethe’s Faust.  1900

Folder 17           Helmich, Edward C.  A Study of the North Bethlehem Moravian

                                    Churches over a Ten Year Period, (1925-1934).  1935

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Folder 20           Henkelman, Percival R.  The Millennial Emphasis in the Christian

                                    Doctrine of the Return of Our Lord.  (BD) 1951

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                                    1691-1865 A.D.).  1916

Folder 22           Henkelmann, Reinhold  John Calvin.  [1918]

Folder 23           Hermstaedt, Conrad E.  The Greek Drama and its Influence.  1898

Folder 24           Hermstaedt, Conrad E.  Name and Nature or the Nominal and the Real

                                    of the Kingdom of God.  1900

Folder 25           Herman, Albertis M.  The Christ as Portrayed by the Art of Heinrich

                                    Hofmann.  (BD) 1939

Folder 26           Herman, Albertis M.  A Historical Sketch of the Switchback Railroad.

                                    (BA) 1935

Folder 27           Hermann, J.E.  Die Lehre von der Dreieinigkeit (The Doctrine of

Truth).  1891

Folder 28           Hertz, John A.  A Study of the Irish Drama.  (BA) 1938

Folder 29           Heske, Robert C.  The Effect of the Depression on Crime.  (BS) 1935

Folder 30           Hetzel, John F.  The History of Baseball.  (BA) 1940

Folder 31           Heydt, Henry J.  The Necessity of the Atonement.  n.d.

Folder 32           Heydt, Henry J.  The Psychology of Faith Healing.  n.d.

Folder 33           Higgins, George G.  The Principal Concepts of Hegel’s Philosophy

                                    of History.  1931

Folder 34-35      Higgins, George G.  A Study of the American Moravian Sunday School.

                                    1934 (2 copies)

Folder 36           Highfill, T. Guthrie  Sophocles’ “Antigone.”  1928

Folder 37           Hilander, James S.  Agricultural Missions in the Moravian Church.  (BD)


Folder 38           Hillman, Joseph D. (?)  Christianity in the 18th and 19th Centuries.  n.d.

Folder 39           Himmer, Waldo  Disarmament as a Prevention of War.  n.d.

Folder 40           Hinz, Herman O.  The Equality of Man as Evidenced in Lessing’s “Nathan

                                    der Weise.”  (BS) 1933

Folder 41           Hirtle, Jerome E.  Mendel’s Contribution to Experimental Breeding.  (BS)


Folder 42           Hoch, William  Original Thought.  1870

Folder 43           Holland, Irving W. and George F. Mack  A Graphical and Statistical

Study of Moravian College Since 1912, with Emphasis on the

Science Department.  (BS) 1937

Folder 44           Holton, Edgar A.  A Few Facts about the Early English Novel.  [1905]

Folder 45           Hoppes, Robert R.  A Guide Book for Teachers and Students in Audio-

                                    Visual Education.  (MA) 1941

Folder 46           Horley, Walter B.  The Increased Desire for Education by Adults.  (BA)


Folder 47           Horne, Byron K.  The Council of Constance (1414-1418).  1930

Folder 48           Horne, Byron K.  The Educational System of Pennsylvania from an

                                    Administrative Standpoint.  n.d.

Folder 49           Horne, Byron K.  A History of the Moravian Church in America during

                                    the War of Independence.”  (BD) 1927

Folder 50           Housman, E. Howard  A Study of the Beginning, Growth, and Thought of

                                    Consumer Co-operation in Great Britain.  (BA) 1942

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Folder 52           Hoyler, Cyril N.  The Passing of Evolution.  (BS) 1928

Folder 53           Huber, F(?) C.  Moorish Occupation of Spain.  1896

Folder 54           Huebener, Louis  Inspiration of the Scriptures.  1902

Folder 55           Huebener, Louis  The Revelation of a God in the Heavens.  n.d.

Folder 56           Hughes, Nelson  The Development of the Monroe Doctrine.  1924

Folder 57           Iobst, Robert A.  Attitudes of Science Toward Religion as Expressed

                                    in Post-War Periodicals.  (BA) 1936

Folder 58           Iobst, Robert A.  The Influence of Barthian Theology upon Contemporary

                                    American Theology.  (BD) 1939

Folder 59           Israel, George R.  The Samaritan Woman (a Christmas Essay).  1883



Box 7




Folder 1            Jackson, W.P.  Notes on the Aryans.  n.d.          

Folder 2            Jeter, Everett V.  The Germania from the Humanist’s Viewpoint.  n.d.

Folder 3            Johansen, John H.  Ole Edvart Rolvaag (1876-1931):  Norwegian-

                                    American Author.  (BA) 1939

Folder 4            Johnson, Frederic T.  Origins of Money and its History in the United

                                    States.  (BA) 1941

Folder 5            Johnson, Herbert B.  The Origin and Development of the Moravian Daily

                                    Textbook.  1907

Folder 6            Johnson, Herbert B.  The Senectute.  [1905]

Folder 7-8          Jones, Daniel W.  Jeremiah:  Commentator of World Crisis.  (BA)  1942

                                    (2 copies)

Folder 9            Jones, Floyd E., Jr.  The Effects of the French Revolution upon the

                                    Formation of the First French Republic.  (BA) 1939

Folder 10           Kaiser, J(ohn) F.  The Apostleship of Paul.  [1896]

Folder 11           Kaiser, John F.  English Literature from Elizabeth’s Death.  1894

Folder 12           Kaiser, J. Franklin  A Thesis on the Inspiration of the Bible.  1896

Folder 13           Kaltreider, William A.  The Educational System of the Jesuits.  (BA) n.d.  

Folder 14           Kaltreider, William A.  The Reaction of the Moravians against

Nationalism in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries.  (BD) 1925

Folder 15           Kane, Benjamin J.  A Manual for the Administration of Public High

                                    Schools in the Second Class School Districts of Pennsylvania.

                                    (MA) 1938

Folder 16           Kant, Herbert T.  Spangenberg’s Work in America.  (BD) 1915

Folder 17           Kantarian, Mack.  Origins of the Armenian Atrocities.  (BS) 1937

Folder 18           Kapp, John H.  Dionyiac Mystery:  A Study from the Standpoint of

                                    Religious Psychology.  (BA) 1938

Folder 19           Keech, D. Hayes  God the Creator.  1896

Folder 20           Keech, D. Hayes  Rise and Growth of the English Drama.  1894

Folder 21           Keen, Richard J.  Psychological Readjustments in Religion during

                                    the Adolescent Period.  (BA) 1934

Folder 22           Keim, Curtis Z.  An Investigation of the Pythagorean Theorem.  (BS)


Folder 23           Keim, Leonard T.  The American Negro Race Problem.  (MS) 1931

Folder 24           Keiter, Aaron C. R.  The Mohammedan Missionary Problem.  (MA) 1914

Folder 25           Keiter, C.A.R.  Non-religious Factors of the German Reformation.  n.d.

Folder 26           Kelchner, Burton L.  A Colorimetric Determination of Ferrous Iron,

                                    Using a Complex Ion Formation with Ortho-Phenanthroline. 

                                    (BS) 1943

Folder 27           Kemper, Hugh E.  A Consensus of Opinions on the Social Adjustment of

                                    Husband and Wife and Parent and Child.  n.d.

Folder 28           Kemper, Hugh E.  The Development of the Novel from Romance to

                                    Thackeray inc.  1918

Folder 29           Kemper, Hugh E.  The Music of the Moravian Church.  1921

Folder 30           Kemper, Hugh E.  Sociological Survey of Barrett Township, Monroe

                                    County, Pennsylvania.  1927

Folder 31           Kemper, Manuel E.  Christmas Essay.  1886

Folder 32           Kern, Dale A.  Sociology in the Works of Charles Dickens.  (BA) 1941

Folder 33           Kernan, Frank  The History of the Bethlehem Steel Company.  1930

Folder 34           Kichline, Henry J.  Klabund, a Disciple of Expressionism.  (BS) 1937

Folder 35           Kieffer, Jesse  Making of a Teacher.  1929

Folder 36           Kilbuck, Jonas H. (?)  Son of Man (A Christmas Essay).  1883

Folder 37           Kindt, Arnold F.  Discipline in Theory and Practice at the New York State

                                    Training School for Boys.  (BA) 1939

Folder 38           King, Richard Francis  Is the Jury System Effective Today?  (BS) 1935

Folder 39           Kinsey, Calvin R.  Achilles’ Shield.  1874

Folder 40           Kirkpatrick, Robert M.  A Comparison of the Properties of Two Ethylene

                                    Glycol Present Day Antifreezes.  (BS) 1942

Folder 41           Kisner, Paul L.  Mussolini and the Fascist Movement.  n.d.

Folder 42           Kleppinger, Rayton S.  Mathematics in the Sciences.  (BS) 1934

Folder 43           Kline, John W.  Bethlehem:  Its Musical Heritage.  1941

Folder 44           Klokow, Melvin R.  The Lives of and Contributions to Religion by the

                                    Great Sixteenth Century Italian Painters.  (BD) n.d.

Folder 45           Knight, ?  The Moors in Spain.  [1898]

Folder 46           Koffel, Max S.  The Practical Value of Latin Today.  (BA) 1937

Folder 47           Koleser, John, Jr.  An Examination of Abraham De Moivre’s

                                    Theorem.  (BS) 1936

Folder 48           Koseler, John, Jr.  The Placement of Teachers on Elementary and

                                    Secondary School Levels in Selected Colleges and Universities

                                    of the Eastern United States.  (MA) 1941

Folder 49           Konrad, William A.  A Discussion of Polymerization.  (BS) 1941

Folder 50           Kortz, Edwin W.  Buchmanism or the Oxford Group Movement.  (BD)


Folder 51           Kortz, Edwin  Dr. Martin Luther as a Scholar and Author.  1931

Folder 52           Kramer, Leonard  Versailles to Munich.  (BA) 1940

Folder 53           Krause, Edward J.  Carthage.  1875

Folder 54           Krause, Edward J.  Thermopylae.  1875

Folder 55           Krausz, Martin R., Jr.  The Development of the Natural Science Courses

                                    at Moravian College and Theological Seminary.  (BS) 1934

Folder 56           Krebs, Rudolph R.  The Voice of the New Century.  (BA) 1910

Folder 57           Krebs, William C.  In Memoriam.  1906

Folder 58           Kreider, Charles D.  Light.  1896

Folder 59           Kreitlow, Robert H.  King Alfred’s Services to England.  1906

Folder 60           Kresge, Burton R.  Modern Trends in Education.  (BS) n.d.

Folder 61           Kroening, William F.  The Development of Greek Tragedy from 600 B.C.

                                    to 400 B.C.  1924

Folder 62           Kroening, William F.  Dualism in Religion.  1926

Folder 63           Kuehl, Henry A.  Characteristic Features of the Moravian Church.  1918

Folder 64           Kuehl, Henry A.  The Effects of the Crusades from the Standpoint of

                                    Church History.  [1916]

Folder 65           Kuklentz, W.R.  Some Social Problems of American Family Life.  n.d.

Folder 66           Kuzma, Stephen  Furfural Condensations with Amines.  (BS) 1942



Box 8




Folder 1            Landis, Benson Y.  Community Enterprise in the Small Town.  1917-1918

Folder 2            Laros, M. Cooper  Electricity as a Motive Power.  [1902]

Folder 3            Lasasso, August A.  History of Education in New York.  1925

Folder 4            Lashmit, Harold  The Psychology of Salesmanship.  n.d.

Folder 5            Laubach, George J.  John Sturn’s Contributions to Pedagogy.  [1912]

Folder 6            Laufer, Robert M.  The History of American Journalism.  n.d.

Folder 7            Lehman, Albert L.  Preliminary Investigations Prior to the Manufacture

                                    of New Fabricated Transmission and Conveyor Belts.  (BS) 1940

Folder 8            Leibert, Arthur L.  The Precipitation of the Cations with Sodium

                                    Carbonate in the Presence of Phosphates and Oxalates with

                                    Special Reference to Manganese.  (BS) 1934

Folder 9            Leibert, James  The Word.  1883

Folder 10           Leibert, M.W.  The Criticism of Canon Scripture.  1874

Folder 11           Leibert, M.W.  “Destroy this Temple…” (John: 2:19).  1874

Folder 12           Leimbach, C.F.  Christ and the Sadducees….  1889

Folder 13           Lenius, Allen A.  The Counselor of Juniors, Intermediates, and

                                    Seniors in the Church Camp.  (BD) 1951

Folder 14           Leonard, Frank  The Unification of Italy.  (BA) 1939

Folder 15           Lerch, Robert W.  Twenty Years of Inflation, 1820-1840.  (BS) 1924

Folder 16           Levering, Lewis R.  Festival of the Thirteenth of November.  [1890]

Folder 17           Levy, Frank A.  The Origin and Story of the Gypsies.  (BA) 1942

Folder 18           Lewis, Henry A.  Paul Green, Local Colorist.  (BA) 1939

Folder 19           Lichte, Charles R.  Greek Tragedy.  1908

Folder 20           Lichte, Charles R.  The Historic Background of Isaiah’s Prophetic

                                    Activity.  1910

Folder 21           Lippincott, Heulings  The History and Manufacture of Sulphuric Acid.


Folder 22           Lobb, Thornton R.  The Life, Works, and Influence of Virgil.  1930

Folder 23           Lobb, William L.  The Boys’ Club of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania:

                                    A Critical Study.  (BA) 1941

Folder 24           Lopp, Harold V.  The Influence of Railroad Transportation in the

                                    Development of the Chinese Republic.  (BS) 1914

Folder 25           Luckenbach, D.J.  Rousseau and his Educational Ideas.  1928

Folder 26           Luckenbach, Leonard J.  The Influence of Mythology.  1894

Folder 27           Luckenbach, Leonard J.  Radium and Radioactivity.  1914

Folder 28           Luckenbach, Leonard J.  Special Features of a Moravian Theology.  1896

Folder 29           Ludwig, Jacob H.  The Telephone.  (BS) 1914

Folder 30           Lukens, Robert S.  A Translation of Fustel de Coulanges’ La Gaule

Romaine.  (BA) 1938

Folder 31           Mackey, John L.  Christian Saints in German Folklore.  (BA) 1940

Folder 32           Mackey, Sheldon  A Study of the New Testament Terms Used to

                                    Describe Sin.  (BA) 1936

Folder 33           MacLeod, Philip D.  Juvenal as a Reflector of Contemporary Roman

                                    Society.  (BA) 1937

Folder 34           McAlarney, James L.  The Nervous System in its Psychological Aspect.

                                    (BS) 1930

Folder 35           McAlarney, William J.  The Poetry of Maxwell Anderson.  (BA) 1941

Folder 36           McColm, E. Eugene  The Chemistry of Basic Open-Hearth Steel.  (BS)


Folder 37           McCuiston, Edward R.  Segregation as a Solution of the Negro Problem

                                    in the South.  (BS) 1916

Folder 38           McCuiston, Robert A.  Some Features of the Industrial Development of

                                    the South during the Past Twenty Five Years.  [1912]

Folder 39           McFadden, Daniel E.  The History of the Panama Canal in a Political and

                                    Social Aspect.  (BS) 1936

Folder 40           McKinney, Frank  Comprehensive Study of the Delaware Water Gap. 

(BS) 1936

Folder 41           McLernon, Joseph F.  Physical Education in the High School.  1932

Folder 42           McCluskey, Frank P., Jr.  The Increase in Crime during the Prohibition

                                    Era.  (BS) 1934

Folder   43         Madsen, Albert A.  The Hope of Immortality as Represented in Sophocles.


Folder 44           Madsen, Albert A.  The Influence of Athanasius upon Church Doctrines.


Folder 45           Maintz, William M.  The Use of the Prepositions in German.  (BS) 1942

Folder 46           Maioriello, Nicholas P.  Contrasts in Education:  A. The Betrayal of

                                    Education in a Dictatorship.  B. The Contribution of Democracy

                                    to Education.  (BA) 1939

Folder 47           Makos, R.J.  The Pernicious Effect of the Treaty of Trianon upon the

                                    Economics of Hungary.  1933

Folder 48           Male, George R.  The Relation of Church and State in the Time of the

                                    Three Ottos.  (BA) 1939

Folder 49           Manley, H. Waldo  A Short History of the Hebrew Thought.  (BA) 1924

Folder 50           Mann, Archie  Oxygen Gas I.  [1909]

Folder 51           Mann, Archie I.  Puritanism.  1909

Folder 52           Martin, Augustus B.  Truth and How it Concerns Man.  (BA) n.d.

Folder 53           Martin, Clarence S.  An Inquiry into the Preparation and Application of

                                    A Colloidal Suspension of Lanolin for Intravenous Administration.

                                    (BS) 1939

Folder 54           Martin, John T.  A Survey of the Natural Resources of the Kenai

Peninsula.  (BS) 1937

Folder 55           Marx, Samuel B.  The Doctrinal Teaching of the Present-day American

                                    Moravian Church on Five Subjects.  (BD) 1942

Folder 56           Marx, Samuel B.  A Study of Negro American Poetry.  (BA) 1939

Folder 57           Marx, Werner G.  The Psychology of Attention and its Application in

                                    the Schoolroom.  1932

Folder 58           Marx, Werner G.  The Use of Moravian Missionary Stories in the

                                    Religious Education of the Moravian Church.  (BD) 1935

Folder 59           Maurer, William H.  Greek Word Studies in N.T. and Classical Greek.

                                    (BA) 1935

Folder 60           Mazza, Charles T.  Story of the Ostrogothic Kingdom in Italy.  (BA) 1938



Box 9



Folder 1            Mease, Reginald W.  The Development of Cement in the United

                                    States from the Standpoint of History, Manufacture and

                                    Application.  1925

Folder 2            Meilicke, C.A.  Battle of Waterloo.  1896

Folder 3            Meilicke, C.A.  The Fullness of the Time.  1898

Folder 4            Meilicke, Myron M.  The Panic of 1837 Due to the Development

                                    of the West.  (BS)

Folder 5            Meilicke, M(yron) M.  The Sociological and Economic Development

                                    of Cass County in North Dakota.  (MA) n.d.

Folder 6            Meinert, C.R.  The Moravian Diaspora.  1904

Folder 7            Meinert, (C. R.?)  The Theology of the Greeks.  1902

Folder 8            Meinert, D. Cornelius  Conquest of Jerusalem by Titus.  1891

Folder 9            Meinert, H.S.  The History of the Establishment of the Public

                                    School System in Pennsylvania.  1921

Folder 10           Meinert, Kenneth H.  The Departmental System of Teaching in our

                                    Public Schools. 

Folder 11           Meinert, Paul L.  Henri Renee Albert Guy de Maupassant:  A

                                    Characterization of his Life and Works during his Early

                                    and Later Life.  n.d.

Folder 12           Meinert, Paul S.  The Johannine Conception of the Incarnation.


Folder 13           Meinert, Paul S.  John Milton and his Works.  1896

Folder 14           Meinert, Paul S.  The Raising of Lazarus.  1898

Folder 15           Memmert, Wilfred R.  The Ideal Pastor.  1902

Folder 16           Memmert, Wilfred R.  The Value of the Classics.  1900

Folder 17           Mertz, Alfred  The Apostle of Common Sense.  n.d.

Folder 18           Mewaldt, Immanuel R.  Mohammedanism:  Its Success and

                                    Failures.  [1911]

Folder 19           Mewaldt, J. Richard  The Life and Ministry of John the Baptist. 


Folder 20           Mewaldt, Richard J.  A Historical Study of the American

                                    Federation of Labor.  (BA) 1940

Folder 21           Michael, Charles B.  The Beginnings of Moravian Mission Work

                                    in Alaska.  (BD) n.d.

Folder 22           Michael, Charles B.  John Amos Comenius:  Educator.  (BA) 1925

Folder 23           Michel, Bernard E.  The Geographical Growth of the American

                                    Moravian Church.  (BD) 1951

Folder 24           Michel, Eugene L.  A Limited Study of Tennyson’s Idyllis of the

                                    King.  1913

Folder 25           Michel, Eugene L.  The Moravian Daily Textbook during the

                                    Lifetime of Count Zinzendorf.  (BD) 1915

Folder 26           Michel, Richard E.  The Beginnings of Christian Monasticism.

                                    (BA) 1942

Folder 27           Mickey, Edward T., Jr.  An Appreciation of the Tragedies of

                                    William Shakespeare.  n.d.

Folder 28           Mickey, Edward T., Jr.  A Study in the Development of Liturgical

                                    Forms of Worship in the Moravian Church, with

                                    Particular Emphasis upon the Litany.  1933

Folder 29           Mickey, Edward T., Jr.  A Study in the Psychology of Music.  n.d.

Folder 30           Miksch, G. Harry  The Influence of Electricity upon Civilization.


Folder 31           Miksch, G. Harry  The Spirit of Christianity.  1904

Folder 32           Miller, Elwood S.  Some Notes on Penal Institutions in the United

                                    States.  1931

Folder 33           Miller, Philip S.  A Theistic Basis for Ethics.  1920

Folder 34           Miracolo, Charles.  Immigration from 1870-1890.  (BS) n.d.

Folder 35           Moatz, Clarence H.  The Origins of Some of our Well-known

                                    Hymns.  (BA) 1935

Folder 36           Moench, C.L.  The Third Parable of Christ, Matthew 22:1-14. 


Folder 37           Moore, J.C.  The Play of Antigone, Sophocles.  [1898]

Folder 38           Moore, John. Campbell.  The Bishops of the Ancient Unitas

Fratrum, to the Transfer of the Episcopacy to the Renewed

Church,(1467-1735).  1914

Folder 39           Moore, John. Campbell.  History of Music, especial attention to the

                                    Anthem.  (BA) [1912]

Folder 40           Moore, T. Cleland  Religion of Jehovah in Palestine.  [1900]

Folder 41           Moore, ?  Bismark and the Political Development of Germany.  n.d.

Folder 42           Moses, Walter V.  Experience:  The Prime Factor in the

                                    History of Religion.  (PhD) n.d.

Folder 43           Moses, Walter V.  Monasticism and Monastic Life.  1904

Folder 44           Moses, Walter V.  Prominent Contributors to Moravian Hymnody.


Folder 45           Mueller, John A.C.  Comenian Educational Principles.  (BA) 1914

Folder 46           Mueller, P.G.  The Gary Schools.  [1917]

Folder 47           Mueller, Theophil U.  The History and Development of Guilds and

                                    the Growth of the Trade Union.  1910

Folder 48           Muller, Karl A.  Das Hohepriesterliche Amt Christi.  1890

Folder 49           Munger, James S.  The Military Problem of National Defense in the

                                    United States.  (BS) 1915

Folder 50           Mushrush, Robert E.  Cultivation of Health through Physical

Education.  (BA) 1941

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                                    States.  1933

Folder 52           Myers, Richmond E.  Crime:  Its Cause and Cure.  n.d.

Folder 53           Nafe, Charles T.  The Theory of Equations.  (BS) 1941

Folder 54           Nagle, Robert O.  Religious Drama:  Its History and Purpose.


Folder 55           Nagy, Alfred B.  The Constitutional Development and the

                                    Nationalistic Growth of Hungary since the Battle of

                                    Mohacs (1526).  (BA)1943

Folder 56           Nagy, Eugene G.  The Story of Insulin (Bio-chemistry Phase).

                                    (BS) 1931

Folder 57           Newhard, Harold E.  An Examination of Infinite Series Particularly

                                    the Slightly Converging Types.  (BS) 1936

Folder 58           Newhard, Nelson J., Jr.  Gauss the Mathematician.  (BS) 1940

Folder 59           Nitzschke, Fred R.  The Necessity of a Christian’s Belief in the

                                    Trinity.  1894

Folder 60           Nitzschke, Fred R.  The Six Days of Creation.  1892

Folder 61           Nonnemaker, Warren F.  The Faith of Isaiah as Shown by his

                                    Opposition to Foreign Alliances.  (MA?) 1921

Folder 62           Nonnemaker, Warren F.  The Jesuits as Educators.  n.d.

Folder 63           Novak, George P.  The Internal Politics of Italy, Rome and the

                                    Death of Anicius Manilius Severinius Boethuis, and

                                    Symmachus, Quintus Aurelius Memmius.  n.d.

Folder 64           Nowack, Kenneth W.  Christian Literature for a Pre-Literate

                                    People.  (BD) 1951

Folder 65           Nye, Harold J.  An Investigation and an Application of Functions

                                    by MacLaurin’s and Taylor’s Series.  (BS) 1938

Box 10




Folder 1            Oerter, Albert W.  The Employment of Journalism for the

                                    Popularization of Chemistry.  1925

Folder 2            Oerter, William  The Manners of the Germans According to Tacitus.


Folder 3            Ofchus, Frank  Education in Pennsylvania.  n.d.

Folder 4            Ofchus, Frank  The Education of the Romans.  1934

Folder 5            Ofchus, Frank W.  A Unit Study of England from 1815-1850.  (BA)


Folder 6            Olsen, Peter  The Mission of Martin Luther.  1898

Folder 7            Orvis, Harold E.  A Criticism of Shakespeare’s Macbeth.  (BS) 1936

Folder 8            Ottow, R.E.  Die acht…?  1894

Folder 9            Patton, Richard  Calcium.  (BS) 1934

Folder 10           Paulus, Harold  Metallography and the Steel Industry.  1925

Folder 11           Peper, Theodore W.  (no title – essay is about Zinzendorf).  1906

Folder 12           Persons, Clayton H.  A Brief History of the Mormon Church with its

                                    Present Day Beliefs and Practices.  (BA) 1937

Folder 13           Peters, Horace E.  Buddhism and Christianity:  A Contrast and Parallel.


Folder 14           Peters, Horace E.  Vocational Education in Wisconsin.  1923

Folder 15           Peters, John S.  A Study of the Scholastic Standing of the Shop of the

                                    Allentown High School.  (MA) 1941

Folder 16           Pfaff, Fred W.  The Life of Philip Melancthon.  (BA) 1929

Folder 17           Pfohl, Cyrill H.  Contributions of the Romans to the Development of

                                    Architecture.  (BS) 1919

Folder 18           Pfohl, J. Kenneth  The Law and the Gospel.  1900

Folder 19           Pfohl, J. Kenneth, Jr.  Schleiermacher:  A Study of the Times, Life and

                                    Philosophy of Frederich Daniel Ernst Schleiemacher.  [1932]

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Folder 21           Phillippi, Philip F.  The Evolution of the United States Constitution.  n.d.

Folder 22           Pierson, Albert C.  Early Education in Lancaster County.  1925

Folder 23           Pinter, Francis E.  Beginning of Bethlehem Steel (1873-1914).  1939

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                                    Certain of the Common Elements.  n.d.

Folder 25           Ploetz, Augustus F.  Johann Christoph Friedrich Schiller.  1894

Folder 26           Ploetz, Augustus F.  The Ministry of the Holy Spirit in Personal Salvation.


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Folder 30           Pruett, Theodore C.  The Mystery Religions in Relation to Early

                                    Christianity.  (BD) 1945

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                                    Legenden Dargestellt Wird.  (BS) 1934

Folder 32           Rader, Marlyn A.  Some Projective Properties of the Conic Sections.

                                    (MA) 1940

Folder 33           Ragone, Frank  The Pre-school Child and its Early Education.  1930

Folder 34           Randall, H. David  The Basis of Medieval Life was Fundamentally

                                    Ancient Roman and Greek Culture modified by the Barbarian

                                    Weakness.  n.d.

Folder 35           Randall, H. David  The Permanent Value of Musical Instruction

                                    in the Public Schools.  1925

Folder 36           Randall, H. David  The Social Sciences as Taught in Modern

                                    Secondary Schools. 

Folder 37           Randall, Paul  The Geology of Coal and its Study in the Hazelton

                                    Basin.  n.d.

Folder 38           Randall, William D.  The Literary Philosophy of Eugene O’Neill. 

                                    (BA) 1942

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                                    Monasticism.  n.d.

Folder 40           Rantz, Harold A.  The Servant of Yahweh in Isaiah 40-66.  (BA) 1942

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Folder 46           Reese, William J., Jr.  A Study of the Effect of the Depression on

                                    Education in Pennsylvania.  (BS) 1936

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                                    Philadelphia Area in Colonial Days.  (BA) 1940

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                                    the Arabians to the Modern Era.  n.d.

Folder 62           Richter, Henry  The Causes for the Deluge.  1892

Folder 63           Richter, Henry  Evidences of the Christian Religion.  1894

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                                    Study of the Technical Composition of Glass.  (BS) n.d.

Folder 65           Richter, Victor H.  The Influence of the Norman Conquest on the

                                    English Language and Literature.  (BA) n.d.

Folder 66           Ricksecker, Charles A.  The Athenian Theatre and the Drama.  1875

Folder 67           Ricksecker, Charles A.  Cicero and the Catilinian Conspiracy.  1874

Folder 68           Riemer, Reinhold  The Educational System of the Jesuits.  (B?) 1910

Folder 69           Rights, Douglas   Some Moravian Efforts for Church Unity.  (BD)1915

Folder 70           Ringhoffer, Joseph J.  Sine Qua Non.  (BA) 1940

Folder 71           Rinker, Robert R.  The Work and Influence of Pestalozzi.  1925

Folder 72           Riske, Clarence L.  Augustine’s Views of the Person and Work of

                                    Christ.  (BD) 1944

Folder 73           Riske, Clarence L.  The Poetry of the Bible.  (BA) 1941


Box 11




Folder 1            Robinson, Kenneth W.  The Moravian Church in Berks County,

                                    Pennsylvania during the Colonial Period.  (BD) 1950

Folder 2            Rodda, William F., Jr.  The Position of the Papacy in International

                                    Affairs.  (BA) 1940

Folder 3            Roe, D.W.  A Credit Analysis of the Carbonated Beverage Industry for

                                    Bank Management.  1930

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Folder 5            Rogers, Alvin T.  Vocational Measurement in Industry.  1925

Folder 6            Romig, A.B.  The Descent of Christ to Hades.  1882

Folder 7            Romig, Clarence  Herod Agrippa.  1891

Folder 8            Romig, Fred W.  Cicero’s De Amicitia and its Present Day Value.  1924

Folder 9            Romig, J.  The Call to the Ministry:  Its Nature.  [1890]

Folder 10           Romig, William H.  Benefits Arising from the Study of Greek and Latin

                                    Classics.  [1874]

Folder 11           Romig, William H.  Sinon.  [1875]

Folder 12           Rominger, Charles H.  Daily Vacation Bible Schools.  [1906]

Folder 13           Rominger, Charles H.  Milton, a Belated Elizabethan.  (MA – Lehigh

                                    University) 1913

Folder 14           Rominger, Charles H.  (Outline for a thesis on the subject:  A Study of

                                    the Records of the Moravian Church of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania,

                                    to Determine the Percentage of Growth from Within and Without

                                    the Congregation.)  (PhD) 1917

Folder 15           Rominger, Charles H.  A Study of Divorce.  n.d.

Folder 16-17      Rominger, Charles H.  Summer Charity:  Importance and Direction.

                                    (MA) 1908 (2 copies)

Folder 18           Rominger, Charles H.  Thomas Babington Macaulay, Essayist.  (BA)

                                    1906-1907 (rough draft)

Folder 19           Rominger, H.V.  Private Life Among the Greeks.  1874

Folder 20           Rosati, Lawrence J.  The Need for Guidance in Secondary Schools.

                                    (BA) 1942

Folder 21           Runner, G.M.  Social Life of Ancient Greece.  [1906]

Folder 22           Runner, G.M.  Some Contributions of Moravian Missions to Human

                                    Knowledge.  [1908]

Folder 23           Ruprecht, Mark W.  Development of the Faust Legend.  (BA) [1914]

Folder 24           Russell, A.W.  Chlorine:  Its Manufacture and Therapeutic Application.


Folder 25           Sabol, Stephen J.  Synthetic Cellulose Fibers and their Economic Aspect

                                    in Relation to the Textile Industry.  (BS) 1935

Folder 26           Sanford, Edward  Russia Today and its Possible Future.  1932

Folder 27           Satkowski, William B.  A Rubber-like Substance:  Neoprene.  (BS) 1940


Folder 28           Sause, George G., Jr.  A Historical Study of Numbers and their

Development.  (BS) 1941

Folder 29           Sautebin, Warren A.  A Study of the Curricula of the Moravian Youth

                                    Conferences.  (BD) 1945

Folder 30           Sautebin, Warren A.  The Twenty-third Psalm:  A Word Study.  (BA) 1943

Folder 31           Sawyer, Edwin A.  Financial Problems in the Moravian Church.  (BD)


Folder 32           Sawyer, Fred E.  Psychology of Advertising.  n.d.

Folder 33           Schaadt, Carlton V.  Emerson and his Essays.  (BA) 1939

Folder               Schade, John R.  Industrial Education in Pennsylvania.  n.d. Oversize

Folder 34           Schattschneider, Allen W.  The Growth of the Moravian Church in

                                    America (1858-1925). 

Folder 35           Schattschneider, Allen W.  The Man Edgar Allen Poe.  n.d.

Folder 36           Schattschneider, D.C.  A History of the Development of the Moravian

                                    Church in the Western District of North America.  1928

Folder 37           Schattschneider, D.C.  William Cowper:  The Man and his Works.  1926

Folder 38           Schattschneider, William  Christ and Nicodemus.  [1900]

Folder 39           Schattschneider, W(illiam) C.  The Destruction of Carthage.  1898

Folder 40           Scheel, William R.T.  The Cherokee Mission East of the Mississippi.

                                    (BD) [1914]

Folder 41           Scheel, William R.T.  The Development of the Eighteenth Century Novel.


Folder 42           Schibanoff, Michael  Peter the Autocrat.  (BA) 1939

Folder 43           Schlegel, Albert G.W.  The Barca Family and its Influence in History (250

                                    -80 B.C.)  1920

Folder 44           Schlegel, Carl A.  Die Bergpredigt (Matthaus 5-7).  1892.

Folder 45           Schlegel, Henry J.  The Consolidated School.  n.d.

Folder 46           Schlenker, Paul R.  Trends of Debate in Congress.  (BA) 1940

Folder 47           Schneck, Malverne W.  A Study of the Scholastic Standing of the Varsity

                                    Letter Winners of the Allentown High School.  (MA) 1941

Folder 48           Schneider, R.  A Briton’s View of the American Revolution.  n.d.

Folder 49           Schoenen, James K.  Fourier Series.  1939

Folder 50           Schultheis, Charles H.  Danton and Robespierre.  (BA) 1940

Folder 51           Schultz, Arthur R.  The Age of Pericles.  [1904]

Folder 52           Schultz, Arthur R.  Introduction to I Timothy.  [1906]

Folder 53           Schultz, F.F.  Christ’s Discourse with Nicodemus.  1874

Folder 54           Schultz, Fred L.  A Criticism of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.  1900

Folder 55           Schultz, G.M.  Creeds:  Bonds of Strength or Bonds of Weakness.  1900

Folder 56           Schultz, Mac  The Founding of the Unitas Fratrum.  [1892]


Folder 57           Schultz, Paul T.  The Battle of Hastings.  1896

Folder 58           Schultz, Paul T., Jr.  The Vanity of Human Wishes (Translation of the

                                    Tenth Satire of Juvenal).  (BA) 1926

Folder 59           Schultz, Raymond E.  Zinzendorf’s View of the Atonement.  (BD) 1945

Folder 60           Schultze, W.A.R.  The Council of Constance.  1892

Folder   61         Schultze, W.A.R.  A Thesis on the Nebula Hypothesis.  1894

Folder 62           Schulze, Rudolph H.  Horace:  The Poet of Common Sense.  (BA) 1936

Folder 63           Schulze, Rudolph H.  Moravian Devotion in Song (A Study of the

                                    Hymnody of the Moravian Church).  (BD) 1939

Folder 64           Schulze, Samuel C.  The Development of Music in the Medieval Church.

                                    (BA) n.d.

Folder 65           Schulze, W.F.  The Nature of Sin.  1898

Folder 66           Schulze, W.F.  Secret of Athenian Achievements.  1896  



Box 12




Folder 1            Schwager, J.W.  The Influence of School Education on Moral

                                    Development as Equipment for Good Citizenship.  n.d.

Folder 2            Schwager, J.W.  The Life of Boehler.  n.d.

Folder 3            Schwarze, A(rthur) E.  The Covenant of Grace as Compared with

                                    the Covenant of Works.  1902

Folder 4            Schwarze, Arthur E.  The Sacred Architecture of the Ancient Greeks.


Folder 5            Schwarze, C.T.  Municipal Engineering.  n.d.

Folder 6            Schwarze, Edmund  The Debt of Christianity to the Work of the

                                    Early Philosophers of Greece.  (MA) 1913

Folder               Schwarze, Edmund  An Exegetical Study of the Epistle of St. Paul

                                    to Philemon.  1911 Oversize

Folder 7            Schwarze, Edmund  Moravian Educational Activity in North Carolina.


Folder 8            Schwarze, Edmund  A Study of the Classic Period of Greek Tragedy. 

(BA) 1911

Folder 9            Schwarze, Edmund B.  An Intensive Study of Six of the Most Popular

                                    Types of Poetry.  (BA) 1937

Folder 10           Schwarze, W.N.  The Credibility of Miracles.  1896

Folder 11           Schwarze, W.N.  The Historical Progress of the Missionary Idea in the

                                    Pre-Apostolic and the Apostolic Ages.  n.d.

Folder 12           Schwarze, W.N.  Literature of the Elizabethan Era.  1894

Folder 13           Schweintz, Emil A. de  The Pythagoreans.  [1881]

Folder 14           Schweintz, George de  Diogenes the Cynic.  1875

Folder 15           Schweintz, Karl de  The Captive by T. Maccius Plautus.  [1906]

Folder 16           Schweintz, Paul de  Photina or the Woman of Samaria.  1883

Folder 17           Scriber, John O.  The Psychology of Journalism.  n.d.

Folder 18           Scozzaro, Nat.  Shakespeare:  Master of Comedy.  1929

Folder 19           Seems, Roy L.  Conrad Weiser and his Contacts with the Moravians.  n.d.

Folder 20           Seems, Roy L.  History of the School System in Pennsylvania Prior

                                    to the Establishment of the Public School System.  n.d.

Folder 21           Seip, Oswell J.  A Study of the Scholastic Standing of the Personnel of

                                    the Orchestra, Band, and Choir of the Allentown High School.

                                    (MA) 1941

Folder 22           Sellers, George E., Jr.  Psychology in Selling.  1932

Folder 23           Senn, Frank H.  Atomic Power and the Cyclotron.  (BS) 1942

Folder 24           Seyfried, Elwood  The Influence of John Locke upon American Education. 


Folder 25           Shafer, R.E.  Mysticism.  1906

Folder 26           Shafer, Robert E.  Youth with Wings and Other Poems.  1906

Folder 27           Shaffner, Fries  Fundamental Principles of Aeronautics.  1931

Folder 28           Shay, Earl R.  A Study of Moravian Home Missions (Northern Province)

                                    as Compared with United Lutheran Church Home Missions in

                                    the United States.  (BD) 1944

Folder 29           Shay, Earl R.  A Word Study of the Didache.  (BA) 1941

Folder 30           Shields, James M.  The Recent Development of the English Short Story. 


Folder 31           Shields, Richard E.  Greek Immigration to the United States.  (BA) 1914

Folder 32           Shields, T. Arthur  Single Tax in Theory and Practice.  1912

Folder 33           Shields, Theodore R.  Shakespeare’s Character Delineation.  1908

Folder 34           Shields, Walter C.  The Historical Setting of the Six of the Waverley

Folder 35           Shimer, C. Conrad  The Tariff:  Historically Considered.  1912

                        Novels.  1904

Folder 36           Shiner, Bertram  The Effect of Chemical Structure upon Physiological

                                    Activity.  (BS) 1941

Folder 37           Shoffner, Eugene H.  Education in Japan.  1933

Folder 38           Shultz, G. Mac  The Preacher:  A Man among Men.  1894

Folder 39           Shultz, Paul T.  The Original State of Man.  1898

Folder 40           Siebert, Carl F.  A Glance at Mysticism.  (BS) 1936

Folder 41           Silfies, Robert M.  The Influence of Short Story and Short Story Writers

                                    on German Literature.  (BA) 1942

Folder 42           Siplics, Elmer L.  A Survey of Semi-micro Chemistry in Undergraduate

                                    Work.  (BS) 1941

Folder 43           Slepetz, Stephen A.  Some Geometrical Applications of Complex

Numbers.  (MS) 1938

Folder 44           Smith, C.D.  Christ’s Descent into Hades.  1880

Folder 45           Smith, C.E.  Problems of Secondary Education.  n.d.

Folder 46           Smith, Charles E.  The Development of the Faust Legend.  1926

Folder 47           Smith, Charles E.  Mathematics in the Junior High School.  1927

Folder 48           Smith, Glenwood M.  A Comparative Study of German Pacts with the

                                    Devi.  (BS) 1934

Folder 49           Smith, George A.  A Study of Official Documents among the Oxyrhynchus

                                    Papyri.  (BA) 1937

Folder 50           Smith, Marvin L.  The History and Development of Fire and Casualty

                                    Insurance.  (BS) 1934

Folder 51           Smith, Thomas S.  A Study of Rome under the Caesars and its Effect on

                                    the Decline of the Roman Empire.  (BA) 1938

Folder 52           Smyth, J. H.  The History of Medicine before the Renaissance.  1910

Folder 53           Smyth, William E.  Home Life of the Greeks.  1902

Folder 54           Snider, Paul A.  “Into Exile;” “Till Our Rest Be Won.”  1949

Folder 55           Snider, Paul A.  The Origin and Significance of Christian Baptism.

                                    (BD) 1951

Folder 56           Snyder, Charles M.  The Historical Background Contained in the

                                    Odes of Horace.  (BA) 1937

Folder 57           Snyder, Richard G.  The Development of Algebraic Equations from

                                    Earliest Times to the 17th Century.  1929

Folder 58           Sockernoski, Michael  History of American Coinage.  (BS) 1936

Folder 59           Soltis, John  The Struggle in England for Constitutional Government

                                    under the Stuarts.  n.d.

Folder 60           Sommerfeld, Ernest H.  Personal Problems and the Pastor:  A Study

                                    in Psychiatry.  (BD) 1934

Folder 61           Sommerfeld, Ernest  Psychology as Related to Music.  n.d.

Folder 62           Sovocool, Leslie R.  Code of Hammurabi compared with the Pentateuchal

                                    Legislation.  n.d.

Folder 63           Sovocool, Leslie R.  Early Educational Effort in Maryland up to the

                                    Establishment of the Public School System.  1925

Folder 64           Spaugh, B.L.  The Battle of Salamis and Retreat of Xerxes.  [1875]

Folder 65           Spaugh, B.L.  The Great Conflagration of Rome.  [1875]

Folder 66           Spaugh, R. Gordon  Joseph Conrad.  1925

Folder 67           Spaugh, R. Gordon  The Moravian Church in the South during the

                                    Civil War and Reconstruction Period.  1927

Folder 68           Spaugh, W. Archie  The Hanseatic League and the Fugger Bankers.


Folder 69           Spaugh, W. Herbert  The Antigone of Sophocles.  (BA) 1916

Folder 70           Spaugh, W. Herbert  The Value of Foreign Missionary Biography to

                                    the Study of Pastoral Theology as Illustrated by the Life of

                                    David Zeisberger.  (BD) 1924

Folder 71           Spaugh, William E.  Creation or Evolution.  1898?

Folder 72           Spaugh, William E.  The Teachings of Socrates.  1896


Box 13




Folder 1            Spengler, Lester L.  The Analytical Relationship of the Five Circles

                                    Tangent to Three Intersecting Straight Lines.  (BS) 1938

Folder 2            Sperling, C.N.  Sermon on the Mount.  [1894]

Folder 3            Sperling, C.N.  Truth and Reason.  1894

Folder 4            Sperling, Tod B.  The Psychology of Color.  1928

Folder 5            Spiegel, Alfred D.  History of the Jewish Agricultural Colonies in

                                    Southern New Jersey.  (BA) 1939  (includes 6 photographs,

                                    2 postcards and one road map of New Jersey)

Folder 6            Splies, Frank H.  The History of Wisconsin’s Educational System.

                                    (BA) n.d.

Folder 7            Splies, Frank H.  Spangenberg’s Life and Labors in America.  n.d.

Folder 8            Stametz, Thomas M.  The Constitution and the New Deal.  (BS) 1935

Folder 9            Stansfield, Robert K.  The Jewish Idea of the Messiah and Why Jesus

                                    of Nazareth Disappointed their Messianic Hopes.  1912

Folder 10           Stauffer, Claude M., Jr.  Roman Contributions to Language and

                                    Medicine.  (BA) 1938

Folder 11           Steckle, Frank  The Financing of the Union Pacific Railroad.  n.d.

Folder 12           Steers, John E.  Onium Compounds.  (BS) 1937

Folder 13           Steininger, William R.  To the End of the General Economy.  n.d.

Folder 14           Steininger, William R.  A Translation of the “Ars Poetica” of

                                    Horace with Notes and Comments.  n.d.

Folder 15           Stelter, Elmer R.  The Function of the Church-related College.  (BA) 1941

Folder 16           Stempel, Edward C.  The Teaching of Hosea.  1906

Folder 17           Stengel, F.W.  The Moravian Church and its Distinctive Doctrinal

                                    Features.  1898

Folder 18           Stengel, F.W.  Sophocles and his Tragedies.  1896

Folder 19           Sterrett, Frank W., Jr.  Comparison of the Lives of Napoleon I and

                                    Napoleon III.  (BA) 1940

Folder 20           Stever, E. Allen  The Guild System of the Middle Ages.  (BA) 1939

Folder 21           Stimpson, O.E.  Approaches to a Science of Biography.  (BA) 1936

Folder 22           Stocker, Frederick P.  The By-products of the Coke Industry and their

                                    Value.  (BS) n.d.

Folder 23           Stocker, F(rederick) P.  Saint Paul:  The Missionary Strategist.  (BD) n.d.

Folder 24           Stocker, Harry E.  A History of the Moravian Mission among the

                                    Indians.  (PhD?) 1913

Folder 25           Stocker, Harry E.  The Modern Aspect of Religious Education.  (MA)


Folder 26           Stocker, Harry E.  The Prophet and his Message.  1902

Folder 27           Stocker, Harry  The Theology of the Ancient Greeks.  1900

Folder 28           Stockton, Edwin L.  The Japanese Problem in the United States.  1928

Folder 29           Stoltz, Gordon  French Preachers of the 17th Century.  (BD) 1938

Folder 30           Stoltz, Gordon  Mohammed.  (BA) 1935

Folder 31           Stolz, Andrew D.  The Moravian Church as a Rural Church.  n.d.

Folder 32           Stotz, Vincent G.  The Value of Intelligence Tests.  1932

Folder 33           Stout, Robert P., Jr.  American Music and American Education.  (BA)


Folder 34           Strohaber, Francis X.  The Relation of Philosophy and Science.  (BA)


Folder 35           Strohmeier, Rowland W.  The Introduction of Scientific Studies and

                                    Industrial Training into American Secondary Public Schools.


Folder 36           Strohmeier, William  The Nature of Sin.  1882

Folder 37           Sturgis, Albert J.  Vocational Education.  1924

Folder 38           Suemper, Clement E.  The Nicaragua Mission since 1900.  n.d. (original

and 2 photocopies)

Folder 39           Suemper, Emil  The Pulpit and its Problems.  1902 (original and 2


Folder 40           Suemper, Emil  (Thesis in German.)  1900 (original and 2 photocopies)

Folder 41           Sutliff, Frederick P.  A Binary Melting Point System between Benzoic

                                    Acid and Urea.  n.d.

Folder 42           Swavely, E.H.  The Fullness of Time.  1915

Folder 43           Swift, Alfred E.  An Historical Study of Advertising through the Ages.

                                    (BA) 1938

Folder 44           Sykes, Charles  Teaching as a Profession.  1930

Folder 45           Tanczos Frank  Aluminum Cooking Utensils and Health.  (BS) 1939

Folder 46           Teske, Arthur W.  A Revelation of Goethe in Faust.  (BA) 1939

Folder 47           Teufer, Boyd U.  Survey of the Literature (1928 to 1938 Inclusive)

                                    on Organic Reagents in Analytical Chemistry.  (BS)1940

                                    (bound volume, 344 pages)

Folder 48           Thaeler, A.  Christ and the Sadducees.  1891

Folder 49           Thaeler, Arthur D., Jr.  The Forests of Pennsylvania.  1924

Folder 50           Thaeler, Arthur D., Jr.  The Moravian Church and the Thirty Years’

                                    War.  1926

Folder 51           Thatcher, Harold  The Open Hearth Process for Making Steel.  n.d.

Folder 52           Thomas, Victor L.  The Ethical Monotheism of the Prophet Amos.

                                    (BD) 1930

Folder 53           Thomas, Victor L.  The Problems of North Dakota in Relation to an

                                    Industrial Democracy.  1929

Folder 54           Thompson, Robert F.  The Continuity of Economic Results of the Wars

                                    in America.  n.d.

Folder 55           Thompson, William S.  A Study of the Effects of Carbon Dioxide on

                                    Bananas.  (BS) 1937

Folder 56           Todd, Leo W.  Economic Background of the Constitution.  (BA) n.d.

Folder               Transue, William J.  The Introduction of Science into the Curriculum.

                                    (BS) 1923 Oversize

Folder 57           Trend, Harry K.  The Fourth Estate.  1933

Folder 58           Trodahl, Harry J.  The Beginning of Islam.  (BD) n.d.

Folder 59           Trodahl, Harry  Church Architecture to the Twelfth Century.  (BA) n.d.

Folder 60           Trumbauer, Wellington L.  The History of William Pitt, Earl of Chatham.

                                    (BA) 1938

Folder 61           Trumbauer, Wellington L., Jr.  Pestalozzi’s Life and Career in

Contribution to Elementary Education.  n.d.

Folder 62           Trumbore, Kenneth M.  Roosevelts I and II.  1940

Folder 63           Turner, Frank M.  The Science of Selling.  n.d.

Folder 64           Turner, George D.  Railway Transportation:  An Economic Factor.



Box 14




Folder 1            Ueberroth, William C.  Education in Pennsylvania before the

                                    Establishment of the Public School System.  (BS) 1936

Folder 2            Uhler, John K.  The Junior College.  (BS) n.d.

Folder 3            Vail, Edmund P.  Water Softening and its Economic Aspects.  (BS)


Folder 4            Vancura, Waclav F.J.  The Activities of Count Zinzendorf in America.

                                    (BD) 1915

Folder 5            VanHorne, Leonard  The Heritage of the Individual.  n.d.

Folder 6            Van Horne, Rollin C.  The Physical Nature of Music.  1921

Folder 7            Vanlehn, Ralph E.  The Establishment of the Moravian Church in

                                    Ohio.  (BD) 1951

Folder 8            Van Vleck, Taylor M.  Giromalo Savonarola:  The First Great Moral

                                    Reformer.  1910

Folder 9            Van Vleck, Taylor M.  The Kingdom of Heaven as presented in the

                                    Parables on the Kingdom in the Thirteenth Chapter of Matthew.


Folder 10           Van Vleck, William T.  The Logos in his Eternal Essence and Existence.


Folder 11           Van Vleck, William T.  Pietism:  The Transition from a Religion of the

                                    Head to One of the Heart.  1874

Folder 12           Vogler, Alfred de Groot  Robert Burns:  The Man and his Message.  1909

Folder 13           Vogler, Alfred de Groot  A Study of Second John.  1911

Folder 14           Vogler, Theodore K.  Economic Reconstruction in Russia:  An American

                                    Problem.  n.d.

Folder 15           Vogler, Wilfred E.  Some Problems of Immigration.  1916

Folder 16           Von Steuben, Wilbur F.  Insects and Human Welfare.  1932

Folder 17           Wagner, Adolf E.  Volume Shrinkage and Setting of Portland Cement.

                                    (BS) 1937

Folder 18           Wagner, Mark G.  Gnosticism.  1930

Folder 19           Waldron, Edward D. III  The N.R.A.:  An American Crusade as Embodied

                                    in the New Deal.  (BS) 1934

Folder 20           Walker, Frederick H.  The Postal Policy of the United States.  (BS) 1934

Folder 21           Walper, Evelyn C.  A Code of Ethics for Teachers.  (MA) 1941

Folder 22           Walper, John A.  The Principalship of the Elementary School.  (MA) 1941

Folder 23           Walter, Daniel H.  Cicero and his Times.  [1893]

Folder 24           Walter, Henry, Jr.  Abnormal Psychology.  (BS) 1929

Folder 25           Ward, Henry  The Sin against the Holy Ghost.  [1882]

Folder 26           Weaver, H. Rowland  The Effects of Adolescence upon the Mental and

                                    Physical Processes of the High School Student.  (BS) n.d.

Folder 27           Weber, Christian  Repentance.  1890

Folder 28           Weber, Christian D.  Augustus Gottlieb Spangenberg and the Beginning

                                    of the Moravian Church in North Carolina.  (BD) 1952

Folder 29           Weber, Christian O.  Evolution of the Papal Idea.  (BA) [1916]

Folder 30           Weber, Christian O.  Our Debt to Israel:  The Prophets, the Priests, the

                                    Sages.  (BD) 1918

Folder 31           Weber, Eugene  Publius Virglius Maro.  c.1870’s

Folder 32           Weber, Francis E.  The Development of the Modern Zionist Movement. 


Folder 33           Weber, Francis E.  John Augusta:  His Life and Character.  (BD) 1923

Folder 34           Weber, Frederic H.  A Study of the Work of the Protestant Missions

                                    among the Eskimos of Western Alaska.  (BD) 1949

Folder 35           Wedman, Samuel  The Influence of the Missionary Activity of the Unitas

                                    Fratrum upon the Development of Christian Missions.  n.d.

Folder 36           Wedman, Samuel  The Life, Work and Educational Principles of John

                                    Amos Comenius.  1916

Folder 37           Weidner, Mervin C.  Analysis of Contemporary Addresses.  (BA) 1937

Folder 38           Weingarth, James  Hymns and Liturgies of the Renewed Moravian

                                    Church for Children and Young People.  (BD) 1938

Folder 39           Weingarth, Theo.  Israel’s Sojourn in Egypt:  its Effects.  1896

Folder 40           Weingarth, Theo.  The Roman Empire and Christianity.  1894

Folder 41           Weinland, David E.  A Critical Commentary on Shakespeare’s

                                    Hamlet.  (BA) 1935

Folder 42           Weinland, Joseph E.  The Ministry of John the Baptist.  1892

Folder 43           Weinland, Joseph E.  Miracles.  1894

Folder 44           Weinland, Robert S.  Ezra the Scribe.  1889

Folder 45           Weinland, Samuel E.  A Study of Pliny, the Younger, as Revealed by

                                    his Letters.  (BA) 1933

Folder 46           Weinland, William H.  The Son of Man.  1883

Folder 47           Weinland, William J.  Habits of Devotion in the Theological Seminary.

                                    (BD) 1949

Folder 48           Weinlick, Henry C.  Abnormal Psychology.   n.d.

Folder 49           Weinlick, John R.  The Precipitation of the Cations with Sodium

Carbonate in the Presence of Phosphates and Oxalates with

Special Reference to Cobalt and Nickel.  (BS) 1931

Folder 50           Weiss, Harold K.  Technical Methods of Metallurgical Analysis.  1926

Folder 51           Weiss, Victor S.  The Early Plans of Bismarck for the Economic

                                    Unification of Germany.  (BA) 1939

Folder 52           Wenger, J.S.  Shakespeare’s Works.  1894

Folder 53           Wenger, J.S.  The Spartan Form of Government.  1892

Folder 54           Wenger, Warren D.  The Rise of the Hebrew Monarchy.  (BA) 1943

Folder 55           Wenhold, Charles H., Jr.  The History of the Novel.  1902

Folder 56           Wenhold, Charles H., Jr.  The Place of Psychology in the State High

                                    Schools of North Carolina.  n.d.

Folder 57           Wesenberg, Edward E.  The Greek Tragedy.  (BA) 1916

Folder 58           Wesenberg, Edward E., Jr.  The Civilization of the Aztec.  (BA) 1942

Folder 59           Wesenberg, Walter J.  The Effect of Commerce on the Renaissance.


Folder 60           Wesenberg, Walter J.  Spangenberg’s American Activity.  (BD) n.d.

Folder 61           Westphal, Augustus  The Essentials of a Profitable Singing-meeting.


Folder 62           Westphal, George  A Study of “In Memoriam” by A. Tennyson.  (BA)


Folder 63           Wiegner, Howard J., Jr.  Why We Need Vitamins.  1933

Folder 64           Wilbur, Harry P., Jr.  Cooperative Marketing in the United States.  1930

Folder 65           Wilbur, Warren A. II  The History of the Lehigh Valley Railroad.  1932



Box 15


Wilde-Zimmerman, Anonymous


Folder 1            Wilde, Frank P.  The Two Natures in Christ.  1880?

Folder 2            Williams, Henry L.  A Study of the Moravian Church in Ireland,

                                    (1746-1800).  (BD) 1951

Folder 3            Williams, John L.  The Slate Industry in Northampton County,

Pennsylvania.  (BS) n.d.

Folder 4            Williams, Richard L.  The Infancy of the English Drama.  1902

Folder 5            Williams, R(ichard) L.  The Moravian Idea.  1904

Folder 6            Wimmer, George W.  The Rural School Problems.  1924

Folder 7            Wittmaier, Herbert D.  The Foreign Missionary Work of the

                                    Evangelical Congregational Church.  1939

Folder 8            Wolf, Charles W.  Tammany:  An Illustration of the Machine Age in

                                    Politics.  (BS) 1934

Folder 9            Wolff, Frank B.  The Origin of Man.  1880

Folder 10           Wolle, Edward  John Hus.  1878

Folder 11           Wollin, Clarence C.  Characteristics of the Short Stories of Edgar

                                    Allan Poe.  (BA) 1940

Folder 12           Wollin, John O.  The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day

                                    Saints.  n.d.

Folder 13           Wollin, John O.  The New Church.  1935

Folder 14           Woltjen, S(tanley) R.  James Montgomery:  Poet and Hymn Writer.  1929

Folder 15           Woltjen, Stanley R.  The Moravian Church North and the Revolution.

                                    (BD) 1931

Folder 16           Woodring, William C.  The Family of Curves of the Differential Equation

                                    of the Form….  (BS) 1938

Folder 17           Woosley, David J.  Humanity of Jesus.  1896

Folder 18           Wright, Philip H.  A History of the Early Schools of Bethlehem:  1742-

1890.  (BS) 1936

Folder 19           Wright, R. Dudley  Motivations in Education.  n.d.

Folder 20           Wucherer, August  Hamlet:  A Study of the Man.  1915

Folder 21           Wunderly, George A.  A Study of Roman Coins.  (BA) 1938

Folder 22           Wurreschke, Karl  The Educational Influence of Monasticism.  1925

Folder 23           Yaeck, Milton A.  Practical Christian Mysticism.  n.d.

Folder 24           Yaeck, Milton A.  The Service of Monasticism to Mankind.  1925

Folder 25           Yaeck, Reinhold  The Self.  [1905]

Folder 26           Yosko, Ervin F.  Economic Geology of Bethlehem and Vicinity.  (BS)


Folder 27           Zeller, Franz  The Image of God in Man.  1902]

Folder 28           Zeller, Paul F.  Historical Review of the Nicaragua Mission:  1900 to the

                                    Present.  n.d.

Folder 29           Zeller, Paul F.  A Review of the Development of Moravian Hymns and

                                    Theology.  (BD) 1936

Folder 30           Zeller, Paul F.  Selected Latin Hymns and their Translations.  1933

Folder 31           Zeller, Samuel C.  The Fundamental Concepts of Christian Mysticism.


Folder 32           Zeller, Samuel C.  The Life of John Augusta (Episcopus Fratrum).  1929

Folder 33           Zimmerman, Z.  Peter’s Confession.  [1887]

Folder 34           Zimmerman, Allen  The Moravian Mission among the Indians at

                                    Gnadenhuetten.  (BD) [1915]

Folder 35           Zimmerman, Allen P.  A Study of the Iphigeneia among the Tauri of

                                    Euripides….  1913

Folder 36           Anonymous  The Causes of Mental Disease.  n.d.

Folder 37           __________ Christ’s Conception of His Mission to the World.  n.d.

Folder 38           __________  (Cuneiform Text of the Babylonian Delube Account).  n.d.


Folder 39           __________  (Drama?)  [1917]

Folder 40           __________  Methods of Intellectual Culture in the Pastorate.  1887

Folder 41           __________  The Oracle at Delphi.  c.1870’s

Folder 42           __________  Perseverance of the Saints.  1890 (initials resemble J.H.W.)

Folder 43           __________  (Psychology of Color?).  n.d.

Folder 44           __________  A Sociological Survey in South Bethlehem.  n.d.

Folder 45           Thesis Miscellany.  (Unidentified pages from various papers).  n.d.