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Field Study

Field Study is an opportunity for off-campus work, study, or both, for which a student may receive 1 to 3 course units of credit per term for a cumulative total not to exceed 3 units of the 32 required for graduation. Field Study may be undertaken on a full-time or part-time basis and may assume the form of volunteer work or internship in public or private agencies, industries, or businesses. It does not include those field experiences or internships which are required for completion of certain majors such graphic design. The 3-unit maximum on field work, however, applies to the total number of units for which a student may enroll either in elective Field Study or required internship.

A faculty coordinator and an on-site supervisor share supervision responsibility for each Field Study project. Upon completion of the Field Study the faculty coordinator consults with the field supervisor and assigns a final grade.

To be eligible for Field Study a student must have junior or senior standing with a cumulative QPA of at least 2.70. In some cases there may be prerequisites for a particular Field Study. A student may register for more than 2 course units of Field Study in a single fall or spring term or summer session only if the project involves full-time commitment and residence off campus. A student may not continue a Field Study for credit at the same placement in a later term or summer session without the permission of the associate dean of the College. A transfer student may take a Field Study only after completing one fall or spring term at Moravian. Students are not compensated for Field Study unless compensation is authorized by the associate dean of the College. Field Study may be taken in the fall or spring term or during the summer.

A student who wishes to undertake a Field Study program must submit a Field Study application form to the associate dean of the College. Complete information on procedures for Field Study registration is available in the Registrar's Office.