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Independent Study

Independent Study provides students with an opportunity to undertake a program of supervised reading, research, or artistic production not normally provided within the existing courses. Independent Study should not be used simply to approximate an existing course for a single student or to cover projects more properly described as Field Study. The Independent Study option is available to students who have junior or senior standing with a cumulative Quality Point Average of at least 2.70.

A Independent Study can be taken for a full course unit or a half unit. Students may schedule no more than one Independent Study or Honors course unit a term to a maximum of four over the period of the junior and senior years. Independent Study may be taken in the fall or spring terms or during the summer. A student may not take more than one Independent Study during the summer and must register for it no later than the beginning of the second summer session.

An "Information and Approval Form" describing the project and certifying that the student is eligible and qualified to undertake the project must be submitted to the associate dean of the College, who decides any questions concerning eligibility.