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Minor in Art

Art Minor

The minor in art consists of ART 113 (Global Perspectives in Art History to Renaissance), ART 170 (Drawing I), and three additional courses selected with the approval of the advisor. Two of the three courses must be at the 200 level or above. The minor is available only to students who are not in the art major.


Graphic Design Minor

The graphic design minor is designed for students outside the art major who wish to learn graphic design; it is ideal for majors in marketing, computer science, journalism, or others with an interest in publication or web design.  Required courses for the graphic design minor are:  ART 142, Visual Foundations; ART 131, Intro to Graphic Design; ART 230, Typography; ART 231, Publication Design; and one course selected from the following:  ART 268, Digital Photography; ART 254, Digital Video; ART ST:294, Silkscreen; ART 346, Interactive Design; ART 331, Graphic Design History and Practice; or ART 374, Portfolio Seminar.


Photo-Media Arts Minor for Non-Art Majors

The Photo-Media Arts major is designed for students outside the art major, with an interest in photography and media arts. Required classes for the minor are: ART 268, Digital Photography, and ART 368, Digital Photography 2. Also required is one course in art history, either ART 220, History of Photography, or ART 229, Modern Art. Two additional courses in photography or media arts are also required, to be selected from the following: ART 254, Digital Video; ART 398, Digital Video 2; ART 395, Digital Photography 3, Independent Studies or Internships in photography and media arts; ART 131, Intro to Graphic Design; or ART 346, Interactive Design.


Art History Minor

The art history minor is designed for students outside the art major with an interest in art history.  Required classes for the art history minor are:  ART 113, Global Perspectives in Art History to Renaissance; ART 114, Art History Since Renaissance; ART 218, Art of the Renaissance; ART 229, WI: Modern Art; and one course at the 200-level or above, selected from ART 212, Artists as Activists; ART 220, History of Photography; ART 222, African Art; ART 226, Art of the 19th Century; independent study, field study, LVAIC cross-registration, or special topics courses, with the approval of the minor adviser.