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Biology Faculty

The collective expertise of the members of the Department of Biological Sciences covers a broad swath of classical and modern biology. From molecules to microbes and organisms to ecosystems, the faculty bring their love of all aspects of the life sciences to their classes and laboratories. We strive to ensure that our students have an understanding and appreciation of all of the levels of living systems.

Our Biology curriculum emphasizes this approach, with courses in Zoology, Botany, Genetics, and Cell Physiology required of all majors. Seniors also participate in a capstone seminar course focused on researching and communication, both written and oral. Just as our discipline is one examining the dynamic nature of the living world, we are constantly examining our courses and curriculum for ways to improve them in order to better help our students learn as much as they can.

Student research is a key part of the faculty's mission as educators and scientists. We support students conducting research not only in our course laboratories, but also working with individual faculty mentors one-on-one in independent study projects and Honors thesis research. Since the College's senior Honors program began in 1960, the Department of Biological Sciences has had more than 100 students graduate with Honors — more than any other department at Moravian.

Professors Bevington, Husic, Christensen, Jones, Fox, Mosovsky, Kuserk, Irish, Hosier, and Hosier