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Science Education

Advisor: Kelly Krieble

Moravian College offers approved programs leading to secondary-school teacher certification in Pennsylvania and states with reciprocal agreements in biology, chemistry, physics, and general science. Students in biology and chemistry complete a departmental major in the field. Students in physics may complete a departmental major in physics with a bachelor of science or complete Set I of an interdepartmental major in physics and Set II in mathematics. Consult the appropriate departmental listing for details. The general science major at the secondary level is described below.

All students interested in the secondary program must select courses with the approval of the major advisor and science education advisor and must satisfy requirements for secondary teacher certification described under education. These requirements include Education 378 during the student-teaching term. In addition to general principles of secondary-school teaching, this course emphasizes development of effective teaching techniques and materials in the sciences and includes review of current science curricula, resources available to science teachers, and application of educational research to the teaching of science.

The Major in General Science/Secondary Education

A student seeking Pennsylvania teacher certification in general science at the secondary level must take Chemistry 113 and 114; Physics 109 or 111 and Physics 110 or 112; Biology 119, Biology 100 or 112, and Biology 107 or 360; Earth Science 110, 120, and 130; Interdisciplinary Studies 320.2; Mathematics 170 (or its equivalent sequence Mathematics106-166); and three other course units in science. In the entire sequence, at least two courses from one department must be numbered 210 or above. When appropriate, students are encouraged to be laboratory assistants in one of the science areas. Students also complete requirements for secondary teacher certification under education, including Education 378 as described above.

The Major in General Science for Middle Level Education

Students seeking Pennsylvania certification in middle level education with an interdisciplinary program in general science complete nine science courses including: Biology 100, 112, or 119; Biology 107; Chemistry 108 or 113; Physics 109 or 111; two courses from Earth Science 110, 120, or 130; and three science electives. In addition the students complete the Learning in Common (LinC) curriculum, Mathematics 107, and Interdisciplinary 320.2. For LinC requirements students must select Mathematics 125 to fulfill the requirement in the Quantitative Reasoning (F2) category and Biology 107 to fulfill the lab science requirement (F4). In the Multidisciplinary categories, they must take History 113 to fulfill the requirement in Historical Studies (M1); Education 131 to fulfill the requirement in Literature (M2); Education 160 to satisfy the Ultimate Questions (M3) category; Political Science 110 to satisfy the requirement in Economic, Social, and Political Systems (M4); and Interdisciplinary Studies 110 to fulfill the Cultural Values and Global Issues (M5) category. The Aesthetic Expression (M6) requirement is waived for these students. Middle level education students must complete only one of the Upper-Division category requirements.

Middle level education students must complete the professional sequence in middle level education:

   Education 100.2 Taken in the fall of the freshman year.
   Education 160 Taken in the spring of the freshman year.
   Education 130 and 240.2 Taken in fall of the sophomore year.
   Education 131 Taken in the spring of the sophomore year.
   Education 244 Taken in the fall of the junior year.
   Education 332, 333,
      and 358.2
Taken in the spring of the junior year.
   Education 330, 331,
      332.2, and 358.2
Taken in the fall of the senior year.
   Education 371, 375, 376,
      and 377
Taken in spring of the senior year.

In addition, Biology 107 with a grade of C or better is the prerequisite for Education 331. Mathematics 125 with a grade of C or better and Mathematics 107 are prerequisites for Education 332. History 113 with a grade of C or better, Political Science 110, and Interdisciplinary Studies 110 are prerequisites for Education 330. Students must pass the reading, writing, and mathematics PAPA exams prior to enrolling in any 200 level or above education courses. These exams should be taken in the freshman year. All students interested in teacher certification are reminded that they must complete courses required for initial admission to the teacher certification program. Specifically, students must complete six credit hours (1.5 Moravian units) in mathematics as well as three credit hours in English composition and three credit hours in English literature.

Students in the middle level certification program may also complete a pre-approved interdisciplinary major in mathematics/elementary general science or elementary general science/English. Students should check with Sandra Fluck in the Education Department about specifics regarding these programs.