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Educational Programs

Career Planning and Preparation

The Moravian College Career Center assists students with career planning and development. It makes available information on majors and career possibilities, self-assessment tools, internships, graduate schools, and career counseling and advising. Programs offered through the center are designed to ensure that as many students as possible graduate with specific graduate school or employment plans.

The career-development staff members work individually with students and provide workshops, seminars, and class presentations. Topics addressed include résumé writing, interview skills, internships, networking, effective job-searching, graduate-school preparation, and successful career planning and decision-making. The center partners with the Lehigh Valley Collegiate Career Expo (the largest such collegiate event in the Lehigh Valley) to provide opportunities for students to develop skills and meet employers to explore full- and part-time employment, internships, and summer jobs.

The Career Center also coordinates the Career Connections program partnering students with alumni and other professionals in their area of professional interest. This program includes an externship/site visit during winter break. In addition, the Alumni Career Advising Program (ACAP) provides access, through career panels each semester, to Moravian alumni who share information, serve as mentors, and provide work experiences in their field.

The center maintains listings of full-time, part-time, seasonal, and summer employment and internships. Also housed in the center are the 250-item Career Information Library and self-assessment tools such as the STRONG Interest Inventory and the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator.