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The College

The Mission of Moravian College

Moravian College is a residential liberal arts college that draws on the Moravian traditions of community, engagement in the world, and balance among body, mind, and spirit in the life of the individual. The College seeks to develop in students of all backgrounds the capacity to learn, reflect, reason, communicate, and act with integrity as individuals and in association with others. This education prepares men and women for advanced study and continuous learning, individual achievement, and leadership and service for the common good.

Our Shared Values

In pursuit of its mission, Moravian College affirms and celebrates the following values:

  • Scholarship
  • Community
  • Liberal Learning
  • Service
  • Stewardship

Our Vision

Building upon the wonderful achievements of recent decades, we envision a strong and vital Moravian in the future which will be

  • A community of the great embrace, welcoming men and women from all walks of life, locally, nationally and globally
  • A community of liberal learning, where intellectual curiosity and creative expression invigorate all facets of our lives, in this place and beyond
  • A community of service, which equips and empowers men and women to serve others with professional skill, grace and integrity, including those who live out their lives on the periphery of society
  • A community of wise stewards, who care for and enhance our treasures of heritage, people and place for generations to come

As such, Moravian will be a leader within higher education—a community of choice for students, faculty, and administrators who encourage others in similar lines of work and who provide a model worthy of emulation.


Adopted by the Moravian College Board of Trustees, April 2008.