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Admission as a Transfer Student

Moravian College welcomes applications for admission from students currently attending other colleges and universities. A student may be admitted to Moravian as a transfer student at the beginning of either the fall or the spring term. A candidate for transfer admission must complete the College application, submit a nonrefundable fee of $40 (unless the student uses the College's online application form, in which case the fee is waived), and secure a recommendation from the dean of students at the institution he or she is currently attending.

Candidates seeking admission for the fall term are encouraged to submit the application and supporting documents no later than March 1. Students seeking admission for the spring term should apply by November 1.

Credit is granted for courses completed with a grade of C (not C–) or better at a regionally accredited institution. The courses must be the equivalent of courses taught at Moravian or be judged by the College to be consistent with Moravian's curriculum. In some cases, a portfolio review or proficiency test may be required (for example, in art or music) to determine the transferability of a particular course. A maximum of 64 credit hours (16 Moravian College course units) will be accepted from two-year institutions, and a maximum of 80 credit hours (20 Moravian College course units) from four-year institutions. The final decision on transfer of credits rests with the registrar.

Admission as an International Student

Moravian has a long tradition of welcoming international students into its community. Students from more than 10 countries currently attend the College. Candidates seeking admission for the fall or spring term must submit an application and a nonrefundable application fee of $40 in U.S. currency. (The fee is waived if the student uses the College's online application form or the online Common Application.) March 1 is the application deadline for students wish to begin their studies in the fall; December 1 is the spring-term deadline. Official original and translated transcripts of secondary and post-secondary schooling, results of the SAT examination if instruction has been in English, and evidence of financial ability to assume college expenses must accompany the application. Results of the TOEFL examination must also be submitted if English is not the student's first language. The College offers financial aid to a very limited number of qualified international students who have demonstrated need. Further information and application materials are available from the coordinator of international student admission in the College's Admissions Office.

All candidates whose applications and supporting documentation are received by March 1 will be notified of the College's decision after March 15. To accept an offer of admission, a student must submit a nonrefundable deposit of $400 in U.S. currency by May 1.

Admission as a Visiting Student

Students enrolled at or on leave from another college or university who wish to take classes at Moravian College during the fall or spring terms may apply for admission as a visiting student on a per-term basis. Candidates must complete the Visiting Student Authorization Form and receive permission from the home institution to be eligible. Candidates seeking admission for the fall term should submit completed forms to the admissions office by April 1, and candidates seeking admission for the spring term no later than December 1. Enrollment in certain courses (Independent Studies, Field Studies, Honors) or programs (nursing) is open only to full-time, matriculated students at Moravian College, and is not available to visiting students. In addition, Moravian College grants, scholarships, and student employment opportunities are not available to visiting students.