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Admission Procedures

Students interested in Moravian College should submit an application for admission during their senior year in high school, no later than March 1. Though an interview is not required, candidates should make every effort to visit the Moravian campus to discuss enrollment plans with an admissions officer. Visits, including the interview, should take place after April 1 of the student's junior year and before February 15 of the senior year.

An audition is required for admission to the music major. Students who are planning to major in music at Moravian should arrange an audition before February 15 of the senior year of high school. Arrangements for audition should be made directly with the College's Music Department by calling 610 861-1650. Prospective art majors are required to submit a portfolio of work along with the application for admission.

Regular Decision

Students are encouraged to apply for admission through Regular Decision early in their senior year. Our Regular Decision deadline is March 1, 2014. To accept an offer of admission, Regular Decision applicants must submit a nonrefundable enrollment deposit of $400 by May 1, the national candidate-reply date to which Moravian subscribes. However, we encourage students who are ready to choose Moravian to submit the deposit at any point following acceptance. Deposits received after May 1 cannot guarantee a place in the incoming class.

Early Decision

Students are encouraged to start the application process as soon as possible. If the student has identified Moravian as their first choice, they are invited to apply under one of our Early Decision plans. The deadline for Early Decision I is December 1, 2013, and the deadline for Early Decision II is January 15, 2014. Early Decision applicants should submit their $400 non-refundable enrollment deposit no later than two weeks following acceptance to the College. Please note that acceptance under Early Decision is binding and students who are accepted under Early Decision agree to enroll at Moravian College.

Early Admission

Exceptionally qualified students may apply for admission to Moravian and enroll before completing traditional high school requirements under either the early decision plan or the regular decision plan. Endorsement is required from parents and a guidance counselor or principal.