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Athletic Training

Program directors: Diane Husic and Mary Beth Spirk

Moravian College has an early assurance program with East Stroudsburg University for its Master of Science in Athletic Training (Professional Practice Program).  Students enroll at Moravian College for a baccalaureate degree of their choosing.  Though students may pursue any major to prepare for the Athletic Training program, a major in biology is preferred. 

While at Moravian, students must maintain an overall quality point average of 2.50 or higher.  Students must complete the following prerequisite to the MS program:  Biology 103 and 104 (Biology majors or minor complete Biology 310 and 350 instead); Physics 109 or 111 (completion of Physics 110 or 112 is recommended); Mathematics 107, Psychology 211, or Mathematics 231 (math majors or minor); Physical Education 241; and Nutrition (available through cross-registration at Cedar Crest College).  An internship consisting of no fewer than 50 hours of observation in two different athletic training facilities must be completed at Moravian prior to completion of the degree.  Students must also complete the following courses, not presently available at Moravian, but available at other local schools, prior to enrollment in the MS at ESU:  Sports Psychology, Prevention and Management of Athletic Injuries, Kinesiology, Advanced First Aid, and Exercise Physiology.  Candidates must have valid and current CPR certification. 

Students complete an early assurance application to the ESU program, available from the program director.  The student’s final acceptance to the program is contingent upon completion of the Moravian College baccalaureate degree, final GPA, successful completion of program prerequisites, and submission of all required application materials to ESU.  Students who enroll in the ESU program are eligible to apply for housing at Moravian, and entitled to use of the dining, library, and computing facilities (some fees may apply).