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Academic Regulations

Credit by Examination

Moravian College recognizes the concept of "course equivalency," which permits the College to certify the educational value of private study and other out-of-class experiences and, following appropriate evaluation by the College, enables the student to receive academic credit toward a degree. Some ways by which students may receive advanced placement and credit by examination are detailed in the following tables. A maximum of 8 course units for credit by examination, in any combination, may be applied to a Moravian College degree.

Advanced Placement Examination

Moravian College awards credit to students who have passed at an acceptable level certain Advanced Placement Examinations taken prior to admission. Minimum scores are given below:

Minimum Scores for AP Examinations
   Art History 4  
   Art (studio) 4  
   Art (studio): 2-D Design 4  
   Art (studio): 3-D Design 4  
   Art (studio): Drawing 4  
   Biology 4  
   Chemistry 4  
   Chinese Language and Literature 3*
   Comparative Government and Politics 4  
   Computer Science 4  
   English Language and Composition 4  
   English Literature and Composition 4  
   Environmental Science 4  
   European History 4  
   French Language 4  
   French Literature 4  
   German Language 4  
   Human Geography 4  
   International English Language 4  
   Japanese Language and Literature 3*
   Latin: Literature 3*
   Latin: Virgil 3*
   Macroeconomics † 4  
   Calculus AB 4  
   Calculus BC 4  
   Microeconomics † 4  
   Music Theory 4  
   Physics B 4  
   Physics C 4  
   Psychology 4  
   Spanish Language 4  
   Spanish Literature 4  
   Statistics 4  
   U.S. Government and Politics 4  
   U.S. History 4  
   World History 4  

* Acceptance conditional upon departmental approval. Departments reserve the right to verify test results and to make supplemental assignments.

† The Department of Economics and Business will waive the requirement for Economics 152 upon the student's completion of both tests with a minimum score of 4.

International Baccalaureate

Moravian College awards credit to students who have passed any higher-level International Baccalaureate exams with a score of 5 or better (6 is the minimum required score for English language). Departments reserve the right to verify test results and to make supplemental assignments.

College Level Examination Program

Moravian College awards credit to students who have passed at an acceptable level various tests of the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), Excelsior College Examinations (formerly New York Regents College Examinations), ACT-PEP Examinations, and DSST (formerly DANTES—Defense Activity for Nontraditional Education Support) program. These may be taken prior to admission or after a student has enrolled at the College. Students with nontransferable coursework from other colleges may qualify for credit through CLEP and DSST examinations. Minimum scores in the various CLEP and DSST tests are given below. In some cases (indicated by ‡) a supplemental essay is required. Inquiries about credit for CLEP and DSST examinations listed below should be addressed to the associate dean for academic affairs.


Minimum Scores for CLEP Subject Examinations
1 unit/4 credits per test
   American Government 50  
   American Literature ‡ 55*
   Analyzing and Interpreting Literature ‡ 55*
   Calculus with Elementary Functions 50  
   College French I/II 50/62  
   College German I/II 50/62  
   College Spanish I/II 50/62  
   English Literature ‡ 55*
   Freshman College Composition ‡ 50*
   General Biology 55  
   General Chemistry 55  
   Introduction to Psychology 55  
   History of the U.S. I 55  
   History of the U.S. II 55  
   Human Growth and Development 50  
   Introduction to Educational Psychology 50  
   Principles of Management 50  
   Principles of Accounting 50  
   Introductory Business Law 51  
   Principles of Macroeconomics 50  
   Principles of Marketing 50  
   Introductory Sociology 50  
   Western Civilization I 55  
   Western Civilization II 55  
Minimum Scores for CLEP General Examinations
1 unit/4 credits per test
   Natural Sciences 50  
   College Composition Modular with Essay ‡ 50  
   Humanities 50  
   Social Sciences/History 50  
   College Mathematics 50  

Note: CLEP general examinations may not be used to fulfill requirements within Learning in Common or in a student's major or minor.

* Departments reserve the right to verify test results and make supplemental assignments.

‡ Essay required.

  • Students who are majoring in biology, biochemistry, neuroscience, or environmental studies may not take the Natural Sciences CLEP exam.
  • Students who have completed any 100-level course in biology may not take the Biology CLEP exam.
  • Students who have completed any 100-level course in chemistry may not take the Chemistry CLEP exam.
  • Students who are working towards a math major or minor may not take the College Mathematics CLEP exam.
  • Students who have completed their F3 (foreign language) requirement may not take a CLEP in the same language in order to earn additional credit. Students who take a foreign language CLEP exam prior to completing their F3 requirement may be placed into level 105 of the same language at Moravian with a score of 50; students who earn a score of 62 or higher may be placed into level 110 of the same language. Students who subsequently earn a grade of C (not C–) or better will be awarded one unit of credit for the CLEP (without a grade) and complete their F3 requirement.
Minimum Scores for DSST Examinations
(4 credit hours awarded unless otherwise noted)
   Principles of Finance 47/410  
   Principles of Financial Accounting 47  
   Human Resource Management 48  
   Organizational Behavior 48  
   Principles of Supervision 46/400  
   Business Law II 50  
   Introduction to Computing 47/410  
   Introduction to Business* 46/400  
   Money and Banking 48  
   Ethics in America 50/420  
   Introduction to World Religions 49/410  
   Introduction to the Modern Middle East 48  
   Human/Cultural Geography 50  
   A History of the Vietnam War 50  
   Art of the Western World 48  
   Western Europe since 1945 50  
   Principles of Statistics 48/410  
Physical Science
   Astronomy 52  
   Here's to Your Health ‡ 48/400  
   Environment and Humanity: The Race to Save the Planet 50  
   Principles of Physical Science I 52  
   Physical Geology 50  
Social Science
   Foundations of Education § 49  
   Lifespan Developmental Psychology 50  
   General Anthropology 50  
   Introduction to Law Enforcement 50  
   Criminal Justice 49/410  
   Fundamentals of Counseling 50  

* 2 credits.

† To receive credit at Moravian for Principles of Public Speaking, the student is required to submit on VHS-format videotape or DVD a 3-5 minute persuasive speech in addition to completing the examination at an acceptable level.

‡ Course equivalency and credit determined by physical education chair.

§ This test is not available to students who have completed Education 160 or its equivalent.

Proficiency Examinations

Moravian College awards credit to students who have passed at an acceptable level proficiency examinations administered by the College for certain of its courses. An "acceptable level" is normally defined as a C (or equivalent) or better. A simple passing grade (D–, for example) is not considered "acceptable" to receive credit on a proficiency examination. Individual departments reserve the right to define "acceptable" differently for the purpose of preparing a student to continue into other courses in their curriculum. Information about a proficiency examination for a specific course, an indication of the scope of the course, suggested readings, and preparation for the examination may be obtained from the appropriate department chair.

If a student decides to take one or more proficiency examinations, he or she should obtain a proficiency exam form in the Comenius Center for Continuing, Professional, and Graduate Studies, register the intention with the Office of the Provost, and pay a fee of $85 for each examination at the Bursar's Office.

A student who passes a proficiency examination will be given credit for the course but no grade will be recorded. A student who fails a course may not take a proficiency examination for that course in the term immediately following the failure.

A student may not take a proficiency or challenge exam for a course the student previously has audited.