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Academic Regulations

Academic Standing

Dean's Honor List: Students who carry three or more graded course units in a term and attain a GPA for the term of 3.50 or higher are placed on the Dean's Honor List.

Midterm Reports: As a courtesy, a midterm warning may be given if the instructor feels the student's work has been unsatisfactory or carries the expectation of course failure. This warning has no ultimate bearing on the final grade in the course, but the student is urged to consult the instructor and his or her advisor.

Academic Probation: When grades at the end of a term indicate that a student is not meeting minimum requirements, the student is placed on academic probation. In such cases, the faculty will set a quality-point standard that must be attained in subsequent terms if the student is to enter the senior year in good standing. The record of a student on probation is evaluated at the end of each term until the cumulative GPA is above the minimum requirement for graduation (2.00). After examination of a student's academic record at the end of a term, the Academic Standards Committee may take any of the following actions:

  • Place on probation.
  • Continue on probation for an additional term.
  • Remove from probation.
  • Require withdrawal from the College for one or more terms with the privilege of return at a specified time.
  • Discontinue for failure to meet academic standards.

Students who receive financial aid may be subject to different course completion requirements and academic standards for continuation of aid. See the section on financial aid earlier in this catalog.

Whether or not they have been on probation the previous term, students are subject to discontinuance if they fail to attain the following cumulative GPAs:

  • 0.80 after 3 scheduled units
  • 1.50 after 6 scheduled units
  • 1.80 after 12 scheduled units
  • 2.00 after 16 scheduled units

Whether or not a student is discontinued, he or she becomes ineligible for financial aid if any of these GPAs is not reached.

Students who transfer 4 or more course units to Moravian College may be held to a different cumulative GPA standard, based on units remaining to complete their degree, for the purposes of continuation as a degree candidate and eligibility for financial aid. Regardless of the number of units scheduled at Moravian College, all students who have 16 or fewer course units remaining to complete their baccalaureate degree must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher in order to be continued as a degree candidate.

Any student in the first term of study at Moravian who completes three scheduled courses and achieves a GPA of less than .80 will be discontinued. (This excludes courses from which the student already has withdrawn.)

To be eligible to continue as a degree candidate for the subsequent academic year, a full-time student (enrolled in three or more course units in a term) must successfully complete a minimum of six course units each academic year and attain the cumulative minimum GPAs (listed above) corresponding to his or her class status. A half-time student (enrolled in 1.50-2.75 course units in a term) must complete a minimum of three course units each academic year to be eligible to continue as a degree candidate for the subsequent year. Work taken in summer session or other special sessions, if granted regular academic credit, may be counted toward the required number of course units in either the preceding or following academic year but not both. Failed courses and course withdrawals do not count as completed courses. Though full- or part-time students are not required to maintain continuous enrollment to remain eligible as degree candidates, students returning after a period of time will have their records reviewed before readmission is granted.