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Academic Regulations


Every student at Moravian College has a faculty advisor. Each first-year student is assigned an advisor to assist in the planning of academic work and in the selection of a major, generally toward the end of the first year.

When a student has selected a major, a faculty member in the appropriate department becomes the student's advisor and continues in that capacity unless the student elects to change the major to another area of study. At the time of registration for courses, the student consults with the advisor about the selection and sequence of courses as well as about career plans and further study.

Advisors are provided to assist students in planning their academic programs. They are not authorized to change the College's established policies. Each student is responsible for ensuring that his or her academic program complies with the requirements for the major, the program of general education, and any other degree requirements of the College. Any advice at variance with established policy must be confirmed by the Office of the Provost in writing.

Declaration of Major

In order to ensure better advising within the major and to allow departments to plan courses a year in advance, students are required to declare a major after earning 16 course units. Students who do not do so will be blocked from course registration. (Add-Venture students are exempted from this requirement.) Students who transfer to Moravian with 16 or more units will be permitted to register once without a declared major, but must declare a major before their second term of enrollment at the College. Registration holds may be lifted due to extenuating circumstances. Such holds may only be removed by the associate provost or the assistant dean for academic advising.

To declare a major, students must submit a completed declaration of major form to the registrar’s office. The form is available from the registrar. While first-year students may not officially declare a major, they may submit the completed declaration of major form to the registrar during the spring term of their first year, and the major will be added to their academic record in the subsequent summer term.