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Academic Regulations

Leave of Absence

A student who finds it necessary to leave the College but who plans to return within a year may request a leave of absence by meeting with the assistant dean for academic advising. The effective leave-of-absence date is the date on which the student began the formal leave-of-absence process by notifying the Office of the Provost of his or her intention.

Though a leave of absence for up to two (fall or spring) academic terms will protect the student against academic program changes and facilitate the student's return, there is no guarantee that the student's financial aid will be continued, and the student should confer with a financial aid counselor before taking a leave. Students on a leave of absence should also be aware that courses taken through Moravian College's Comenius Center for Continuing, Professional, and Graduate Studies or at other colleges or universities during the leave may affect their academic standing at Moravian College. Students planning to take college courses while on a leave should consult with the associate dean for academic affairs.

Once the leave-of-absence process is initiated, students who change their minds about taking a leave of absence from the College may do so by rescinding the request for a leave in writing to the Office of the Provost. If the leave of absence is to take effect at a time when classes are in session, the rescission must occur within ten calendar days.