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Moravian College seeks to enroll students from a variety of academic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds and secondary school experiences. The following is a summary of information about admission to the College; for further information, contact the Office of Admission, Moravian College, 1200 Main Street, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18018 (610 861-1320 or 800 441-3191), or visit the admissions page of the College's website. The College's application form is available on the website as well.

Standards for Admission

From the students who apply to Moravian College, the Admissions Selection Committee identifies those who have demonstrated academic achievement consistent with the programs of study offered at the College. The committee also considers evidence that the students are willing to be intellectually challenged, to participate in college activities, and to contribute some special talent or skill. Admission to Moravian College is quite competitive, and the committee gives careful attention to each applicant.

Candidates for admission should be enrolled in a high school college-preparatory curriculum and should complete the following courses by the time they graduate: four years of English, three years of mathematics (four years for students planning to major in the natural sciences or in economics and business), four years of social science, two years of the same foreign language, three years of natural sciences (at least two of which must include a laboratory experience), and electives chosen to prepare for successful study in a liberal arts program.