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Note: First date indicates initial appointment; second, if listed, appointment to current position.

Office of the President

Bryon J. Grigsby (2013)
   B.A., Moravian College
   M.A., Wake Forest University
   Ph.D., Loyola University of Chicago

Deborah L. Evans (1990) (1998) (20fhu13)
Assistant to the President for Projects, Events, and Board Support
   B.A., Allentown College of St. Francis de Sales

Monique Haney (2015)
Executive Secretary to the President

Carole A. Reese (2007)
Vice President of Planning and Research
   B.S., Kutztown State College
   M.A., Lehigh University

Sharon Maus (2014)
Assistant Director of Institutional Research
   B.A., Concordia University Texas
   M.A., Texas State University

Scott Hughes (2013)
Chief Information Officer

Center for Information Technology

James W. Beers (1998)
Network Manager
   B.A., Moravian College

Paul Edinger (2015)
Senior Information Technology Analyst
   B.S., Moravian College

Maria Lucas (1995)
Senior Systems Administrator
   B.S., Pennsylvania State University
   M.S., Lehigh University

Thomas J. Mondschein (1999)
Senior Network and Telephone Administrator
   B.S., Kutztown University
   B.S., Moravian College

Christopher H. Laird (2013) (2014)
Network Administrator
   B.A., Moravian College

Dereck Lesko (2008)
Senior Database Administrator
   B.S., Moravian College

Amber Kortbawi (2000) (2010)
Help Desk Supervisor
   B.A., Moravian College

Jonmichael Vito (2014)
User Support Analyst
   B.S., College of Misericordia
   M.B.A., DeSales University

Nicholas Laird (2014)
User Support Analyst
   B.A., Rutgers University

Craig Underwood (2005)
Media Services Manager
   B.M., Lebanon Valley College

Harry Tsamutalis Jr. (2012)
Media Services Specialist
   B.A., Moravian College

Lauren Nicholas (2008) (2014)
Education Technologist
   B.Mus., Moravian College
   M.M., Boston Conservatory

Office of the Provost

Cynthia Kosso (2015)
Provost and Dean of the Faculty
Professor of History

   B.A., Montana State University
   M.A., University of Minnesota
   M.A., University of Minnesota
   Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago

Carol A. Traupman-Carr (1992) (2001)
Associate Provost 
   B.A., B.Mus., Moravian College
   M.A., Ph.D., Cornell University

Diane White Husic (2004)
Dean of Natural Sciences and Health Sciences

Professor of Biology
   B.S., Northern Michigan University
   Ph.D., Michigan State University

Gary Kaskowitz (2003)
Dean of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Associate Professor of Economics and Business
   B.S., University of Illinois
   M.B.A., Averett College
   M.A., Ph.D., University of Maryland

James V. Skalnik (2001)
Assistant Dean for Academic Advising
   B.A., Yale University
   Ph.D., University of Virginia

LaKeisha Thorpe (2015)
Assistant Dean for Graduate Admissions
   B.S., Pennsylvania State University
   M.F.A., Goddard College

Elizabeth Conard (2010)
Reading Specialist Certification Officer
   B.A., Moravian College
   M.Ed., Ed.D., Lehigh University

John Dilendik (1973)
Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification Program Director
   A.B., Boston University
   M.A.T., Howard University
   M.S., State University of New York at Binghamton
   Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo

Richard W. Grove (2008) (2010)
Graduate Education Certification Officer
   B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University

Camie Modjadidi (1999)
Director of Field Experience & Instructor
Community School Supervisor

   B.S., West Chester State College
   M.Ed., Lehigh University

Hassan Rone (2016)
Chemical Hygiene Officer
   B.S., Bowdoin College

Laurie M. Roth (1999)
Director of Academic Support Services and Disability Support
   B.A., Susquehanna University
   M.Ed., Lehigh University

Andrea C. Stewart (2014)
Academic Projects Administrator
   B.A., Moravian College

Dana Wilson (2015)
Tutor Coordinator
   B.A., M.A., St. Cloud State University

Dana S. Dunn (1987)
Professor of Psychology
   B.A., Carnegie Mellon University
   M.A., Ph.D., University of Virginia

Lori J. Toedter (1982)
Marshal of Faculty
   B.A., M.A., Lehigh University
   Ph.D., University of Connecticut

Santo D. Marabella (2013)
Marshal of Students
   B.S., Villanova University
   M.B.A., St. Joseph's University
   D.S.W., University of Pennsylvania

Joanne McKeown (1988) (2003)
Secretary of the Faculty
   B.A., Niagara University
   M.A., Ph.D., University of Virginia

Graduate Studies and Continuing Education

Kerry H. Cheever (2006)
Professor & Chairperson, Department of Nursing
   B.S.N., Allentown College of St. Francis de Sales
   M.S. N., University of Florida
   Ph.D., University of South Carolina

Lori M. Hoffman (2001) (2009)
Director, Master of Science in Nursing
   B.S.N., Illinois Wesleyan University
   M.S., Boston University
   Ph.D., University of Kansas

Dawn M. Goodolf (2007)
B.S.N. Program Coordinator
   B.S.N., West Chester University
   M.S.N., DeSales University
   Ph.D., Widener University

Thomas P. Egan (2004)
   B.A., Providence College
   M.B.A., University of San Francisco
   Ph.D., University of California, Davis


Joseph M. Shosh (2000) (2002)
Professor & Chairperson, Department of Education
   B.A., Moravian College
   M.A., Ph.D., New York University

International Studies

Christian Sinclair (2016)
Director of International Studies
   Diplomado, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
   M.A., SIT Graduate Institute

Music Center

William F. Bauman (1999)
Business Manager
   B.A., Moravian College
   M.F.A., Ohio University

E. Blair Flintom (1997)
Music Facilities Manager

Payne Gallery

Diane Radycki (1998) (1999)
Associate Professor and Director of Payne Gallery
   B.A., University of Illinois
   M.A. Hunter College
   Ph.D., Harvard University

David Leidich (1992)
Assistant to the Director of Payne Gallery
   B.A., Bloomsburg University

Reeves Library

Janet Ohles (2013)
Director, Reeves Library
   B.A., Kent State University
   M.L.S., University of Pittsburgh
   M.P.H., Southern Connecticut State University

Kim Demyan (1994) (2010)
Outreach and Research Instruction Librarian
   B.A., DeSales University
   M.L.I.S., Drexel University

Linda M. LaPointe (1989) (2002)
Head of Technical Services
Research Instruction Librarian

   B.A., Moravian College
   M.L.S., Rutgers University

Angela A. Cortez (2008)
Catalog Librarian
   B.A., College of New Jersey
   M.S.W., M.L.I.S., Rutgers University

Heather L. Burychka (2015)
Research Instruction and Digital Resources Librarian
   B.A., Clark University
   M.A., Villanova
   M.L.S. Southern Connecticut State University

Elizabeth Young Miller (2015)
Research Instruction and Seminary Liaison Librarian
   B.A., Presbyterian
   M.L.S. Clarion University

Registrar's Office

Alexandra McCormick-Smith (2013)
Institutional Registrar
    B.A., Moravian College
    M.B.A., Moravian College

Megan Hallowell (2013)
Assistant Registrar
    B.A., Moravian College

Enrollment & Marketing

Steven Soba (2013)
Vice President for Enrollment Management
   B.A., M.S., Salve Regina University


Scott Dams (2014)
Executive Director of Admissions
   B.A., Temple University

Robyn Apgar (2015)
Director of International Admission
   B.A., Kutztown University

Kimberly Shank (2009)
Campus Experience Coordinator
   B.A., Moravian College

Erika E. Mondok (1990) (2010)
Director of Transfer Enrollment

   B.A., Moravian College

Kristina Sullivan (2013)
Assistant Director of Enrollment Operations
   B.A., Montclair State University

Alyson L. Remsing (2011)
Associate Director of Admission
   B.A., Moravian College

Edward Flaherty (2012)
Senior Assistant Director of Admission
   B.A., Moravian College

Elyssa Deeb (2014)
Admissions Counselor
   B.A., Moravian College

Peter McCullough  (2013)
Admissions Counselor
   B.A., Moravian College

Brittany Soda (2013)
Admissions Counselor
   B.A., Lebanon Valley College

Abigail Schaffer (2014)
Admissions Counselor
   B.A. Moravian College

Financial Aid

Dennis P. Levy (2015)
Director of Financial Aid Services
   B.S., Muhlenberg College
   Ph.D., Rutgers University

Melissa Labrie (2013)
Associate Director of Financial Aid
   B.A., Merrimack College
   M.B.A., M.S., Southern New Hampshire University

Shannon Adam (2014) 
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
   B.A., Bloomsburg University

Office of Marketing and Communications

Michael P. Wilson (1998)
Director of Marketing and Communications
   B.S., West Chester State College

Christie Jacobsen (2001)
   B.A., Moravian College

Mark J. Fleming (1997)
Sports Information Director
   B.A., Edinboro University
   M.A., East Stroudsburg University

Nina Elias (2014)
Content Editor
   B.A., Syracuse University

Chelsea Clifford (2015)
Communications Associate/Publications and Graphic Design
  B.F.A., Ringling College of Art and Design


Student Affairs

Nicole L. Loyd (2008)
Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students
   B.S.Ed., Bucknell University
   M.S.Ed., Bucknell University
   Ph.D., University of Virginia

Elizabeth Yates (2009)
Assistant Dean for Residence Life, Greek Life and First-Year Programs
   B.A., Gettysburg College
   M.Ed., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

Christopher Hunt (2009)
Associate Dean of Students, Director of Intercultural Advancement and Global Inclusion
   B.A., East Stroudsburg University
   M.S.A., West Chester University

Amy W. Saul (2007)
Associate Dean of Career and Civic Engagement
   B.A., M.Ed., Kutztown University

Gregory Meyer (2015) 
Director of Student Development
   B.A., Lehigh University
   M.Ed., James Madison University

Gillian Smith Sharkey (2015) 
Director of Civic Engagement
   B.A., Temple University
   M.S.Ed., University of Pennsylvania

Rubie Ghazal (2015)
Coordinator of Global Inclusion
   M.A., American University of Cairo 
   Ph.D., University of Buffalo

Liliana Madrid (2015)
Assistant Director of Intercultural Advancement
   B.A., Trinity College
   M.S. Ed., Bay Path College

Boris Kirov (2015)
International Student Support Specialist
   B.A., Illinois State University
   M.A., Illinois State University

Jennika Borger (2013)
College Chaplain
   B.S., Moravian College
   M.Div., Moravian Theological Seminary

Michael Singer (2015)
Associate Chaplain
   B.A., Rutgers College 
   D.Min., Jewish Theological Seminary

Ronald J. Kline (1993)
Director of the Counseling Center
   B.A., Randolph-Macon College
   M.A., University of Richmond
   Ph.D., Lehigh University
   Licensed psychologist, Pennsylvania

Tracy Hill (2015)
Associate Director of Counseling
   B.A., George Washington University
   M.S., West Chester University
   Ph.D., Temple University

Kelly Waechter (2015)
Staff Counselor
   B.A., Saint Mary's College
   M.A., University of Denver

Rosemarie Williams (2015)
Staff Counselor 
   B.S., Pennsylvania State University
   M.S., Chestnut Hill College

Michael Hertel (2015) 
Director of Career Development 
   B.A., University of Notre Dame 
   M.Ed., Montana State University

Alissa Lastres '12 (2016)
Assistant Director of Career Development
   B.A., Moravian College 
   M.A., Marywood University 

atricia Hanna (1997) 
Assistant Director of Career and Alumni Engagement
   B.A., Moravian College

Kathleen Nemchik (2015) 
Assistant Director, Career Development for Experiential Learning
   B.A., Pennsylvania State University 
   M.A., Kutztown University

George J. Boksan (2010)
Director of Campus Safety & Chief of Police
   B.A., Moravian College

Michelle Hanna (2015)
Assistant Director of Residence Life & Greek Life
   B.S., Moravian College 
   M.Ed., Lehigh University

Caitlin Lenker (2015)
Assistant Director of Residence Life
   B.A., MBA, DeSales University

Amanda Merson (2015)
Associate Director of Housing and Event Management
   B.A., Loyola University Maryland
   M.A., Morgan State University

Melissa Andreas (2016) 
Assistant Director of Housing and Event Management 
   B.S., Moravian College 
   M.Ed., Kutztown University

Janice Pigga (2014)
Associate Director of Student Involvement
   B.A., Millersville University
   M.S., Bloomsburg University,
   M.Ed., East Stroudsburg University

Stephanie Dillman (2015)
Health Center Nurse, employed by St. Luke's Hospital
   B.S.N, Cedar Crest College


Finance and Administration

Mark Reed (2001)
Vice President for Finance and Administration
   B.S., Pennsylvania State University
   M.B.A., Kutztown University

Anne M. Reid, C.P.A. (1993)
   B.S., Franklin and Marshall College
   M.B.A., Villanova University

Business Administration

Amy Johnson (2012)
Director of Financial and Business Operations
   B.B.A. Texas Christian University
   M.B.A. Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern

Marie Breisch (2006)
   A.A.S. Lehigh County Community College

Susan I. O'Hare (1979) (2007)
   B.S., Moravian College

Facilities Management, Planning, and Construction

Douglas J. Plotts (1980) (1981)
   B.S., Millersville State College

Harold C. Anderson Jr. (1988)
Associate Director of Plant Services

Chad Royer (2014)
Assistant Director of Plant Operations

Amber Donato (2015)
Assistant Director Planning and Project Management
   M.B.A., Philadelphia University (2004)
   B.S.A.S., Philadelphia University (2003)

Scott C. Ihle (2006)
Assistant Director, Plant Services
   B.A., Allentown College of St. Francis de Sales

Karen A. Sienicki (1999)
Budget Manager
   B.S., Kutztown University

Randy Haffling (2009)
General Services Manager
   B.S., Delaware Valley College

Human Resources

Jon B. Conrad (2000)
Chief Human Resources Officer
Title IX and ADA Coordinator

   B.A., Moravian College

Elizabeth Garcia (2015)
Assistant Director of Human Resources
Benefits Manager

   B.A. DeSales University

Carol Meixell (1988)
Human Resources Analyst

Institutional Advancement

Gary A. Carney (2010)
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
   B.S., Ithaca College
   M.S., West Virginia University

Alumni Engagement

Robert Gratz (2012)
Director of Alumni Engagement
   B.A., Moravian College 
   M.A., Lehigh University

Amanda Werner (2014)
Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement
   B.S., Moravian College

Patricia Hanna (1997) (2010)
Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement
    B.A., Moravian College


Anisa Albertson (2001) (2002) (2014)
Assistant Director of Advancement Operations
   B.A., Moravian College

Lisa Brand (1989) (2004) (2006) (2014)
Director of Advancement Services and Prospect Management

Robert Breckinridge (2015)
Director of Foundation Relations
  B.A., University at Albany, SUNY
  M.A., University of South Carolina
  Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park

Julia E. Gasdaska (2008) (2009) (2014)
Director of Major Gifts
   B.A., Moravian College

Alexandra Giacoletti (2015)
Assistant Director of Annual Giving
   B.A. Moravian College

Carrie Gradin (2015)
Assistant Director of Major Gifts
   B.A. Cedar Crest College

Sylvia Muller Doyle (2001) (2005)
Director of Corporate and Donor Relations
   B.A., Muhlenberg College
   M.P.A., Kutztown University

Bertha F. Knisely (1991) (2006)
Director of Leadership Giving
   B.A., Moravian College

Christine Nelson (2013)
Director of Seminary Advancement
   B.A., Edinboro University
   M.Div., Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
   D.Min., Hartford Seminary

Patricia A. Price (2008)
Director of Planned Giving
   B.A., University of Miami
   M.Ed., Lehigh University

Lucas Smith (2014) (2015)
Assistant Director of Major Gifts
   B.A., Moravian College