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Educational Programs

Health Professions

Schools for the health professions recognize the importance of a broad education in the natural and social sciences and in humanities, as well as the need for communication skills. Moravian has a tradition of a strong liberal arts curriculum, of which the natural sciences are an integral part. Foundation courses in biological sciences, chemistry, physics, and mathematics are required by schools of the health professions, but a student is not required to major in a science area. Schools of the health professions are interested in students who can obtain, assimilate, and effectively communicate information. Students must be able to think analytically and solve problems. Moravian provides students with the opportunity to blend scientific and liberal arts concepts.

An internship, taken during the academic year or summer sessions, allows students to receive credit for off-campus, on-the-job experience. For example, pre-medical students can spend many hours at local hospitals rotating through several departments such as internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, surgery, radiology, etc. Pre-dental students can observe several types of dental specialties. Similar programs are available for other health professions. Possibilities for research in medical areas also are available at a local hospital's research center.

Pre-veterinary students may elect various majors or design their own programs, but veterinary schools require specific preparation in biological sciences, chemistry, physics, and mathematics, as well as appropriate basic preparation in the liberal arts. Students preparing for careers in veterinary medicine also should elect appropriate internship: large or small veterinary practices, zoos, aviaries, aquaria, or such establishments as the Lehigh Valley Zoo, Disney World, or Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute.

Moravian offers pre-professional programs in medicine, dentistry, podiatry, veterinary medicine, optometry, physical and occupational therapy, pharmacy, and other allied health professions. Students interested in preparation for medical school should consult with the health professions advisor, Stephen Dunham, as soon as possible. See the Pre-Medical Program section elsewhere in this catalog. Students interested in the allied health professions should consult with the health professions advisor. He will monitor student progress, suggest relevant courses, supply information about the health professions, and provide assistance in the application process.