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Sports Management

The Economics and Business Department Sports Management track in the Management major provides students with a strong background in both management and sports related subjects, enabling them to analyze and succeed in the challenging environment of both amateur and professional sports. This track prepares students for management positions within the sports industry as well as the non-profit sector. This innovative curriculum will allow students to pursue a variety of career paths in the field as well as provide a foundation needed for future graduate studies. The track is structured exactly the same way as the other two existing management tracks, i.e. marketing and organizational leadership, but it requires an internship that provides an extensive experience within a professional setting. Students who pursue this program at Moravian are awarded a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in management.

(Note: Students who do not qualify for an internship, based on QPA requirements, will be provided with alternative choices to complete their major program.)

Catalog description:

The Major of Management

The management curriculum provides a comprehensive background for professional positions in finance, marketing, human resources, and operations management.

Students choose one of three tracks: marketing, organizational leadership, or sports management. All three tracks require Accounting 157, Economics 152, 156, and 225; and Management 223. In addition, the track in marketing requires Management 251, 256, 311, 365, one of the following controlled electives: Management 227, 228, 250, or 333; and one free management elective. In addition, the track in organizational leadership requires Management 253, 342, 365; three of the following controlled electives: Management 226, 227, 231, 251, 310, 324, or 333; (or another course approved by the advisor). College-level algebra and calculus (Mathematics 106-166, 108, or 170) are required in the management major.

In addition, the track in sports management requires the following course: Management 255, Economics 312, Philosophy 228 or Sociology xxx (either of which fulfills the writing-intensive requirement), Management 365, one controlled elective, and an internships, interdisciplinary project, or additional controlled elective (depending on the student’s eligibility and interests). Controlled electives are chosen from the following courses: Management 251, 253, 256, 311, or 342; or Psychology 218. Students may choose either Philosophy 228 or Sociology xxx as their controlled elective, if the alternative of the pair is taken as part of the major. Other courses, approved by the program director, can be used as controlled electives. Such courses might include courses taken through transfer or cross-registration, and might focus on topics of physiology, kinesiology, or other sports-related topics, such as sports law.

Management – Sports Management Track

The proposed major follows the outline of our current two management tracks:

Required courses for all management majors:

  1. ACCT 157—Financial Accounting
  2. ECON 152—Principles of Economics
  3. ECON 156—Business Statistics
  4. ECON 225—Intermediate Microeconomics  (Note the calculus prerequisite)
  5. MGMT 223—Management and Organization Theory

Required courses for this track:

  1. MGMT 255—Mindfulness in Sport
  2. ECON 312—Sports Economics
  3. PHIL 228—Ethics of Sports (WI) or SOC 3XX—Sport and Its Cultural Legacy (WI)
  4. COURSE elect— Controlled elective
  5. MGMT 386—Sports Management Internship
  6. MGMT 365—Management Strategy and Policy

Controlled electives:

  • MGMT 231—Managerial Finance—with a sports finance project
  • MGMT 255—Mindfulness in Sport
  • MGMT 256—Applied Econometrics—with a sports estimation project
  • MGMT 251—Marketing Management—with a sports marketing project
  • MGMT 253—Human Resource Management—with a sports management project
  • MGMT 311—Marketing Research—with a sports marketing research project
  • MGMT 342—Organizational a Behavior and Leadership (WI)
  • PSYC 2XX—Sports Psychology 

The twin course in item 8 can also be used for controlled electives
Approved online electives, such as Sports Law, can also be used as controlled electives.