Education Department


Camie Modjadidi
Field Coordinator

B.S., West Chester State University; M.Ed., Lehigh University

Mrs. Modjadidi earned a B.S. degree at West Chester State University and an M.Ed. from Lehigh University. In addition to arranging all the field experiences for students in Education Department courses, Camie has taught courses on inclusionary practices and ESL for Moravian's Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction. Prior to joining Moravian on a full time basis, Mrs. Modjadidi was an adjunct professor, cooperating teacher, and supervisor for students completing independent study programs. She has been in the educational field for 33 years as a special education teacher, an educational consultant, a lead instructional support teacher, and an administrative assistant. Mrs. Modjadidi is a Peer Monitor for Pennsylvania's Department of Special Education and is an active member on several Pennsylvania Department of Education committees including Student Assistance Programs, Instructional Support, and Cultural and Linquistic Diversity. In addition, Mrs. Modjadidi is also a Program Approval Team Member for Pennsylvania's Division of Teacher Education. She has been a co-writer for various curriculum committees and programs, a presenter for numerous inservices, and a co-writer for several grants.




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