Education Department


Charlotte Rappe Zales
Associate Professor of Education

B.A., Cornell University; M.S., Ph.D., Lehigh University

Dr. Zales completed her undergraduate degree in mathematics at Cornell University, and earned her M.S. degree in Educational Technology and her Ed.D. degree in Foundations of Education at Lehigh University. In the undergraduate education program, she teaches Science in the Elementary School and supervises secondary student teachers. In Moravian's M.Ed. program, she teaches courses in action research, assessment, and classroom management. Dr. Zales has given presentations at local, state, and national conferences on implementing effective teaching strategies, using cooperative learning, and applying problem based learning. Her research has appeared in the Journal of Excellence in College Teaching, The Biology Teacher, BioScience, and The American School Board Journal. Her current research interests are concepts of effective teaching, and constructing mathematical understanding in secondary math and science classrooms. Before joining the Moravian faculty, Dr. Zales had twenty years of teaching experience, including mathematics in middle and high schools, and methods of teaching and educational research in higher education.




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