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Master of Education: The Program

Why should I consider Moravian’s graduate teacher education program?
All courses in the Master of Education program in curriculum and instruction have been designed to fit the needs of practicing teachers. Each course is immediately applicable to the classroom, with an underlying philosophy of reflective teaching and a focus on action research.

Can I afford Moravian’s tuition?
Full tuition reimbursement is provided by most local school districts. Check with your district’s personnel office. Tuition for the 2010-2011 academic year is $387 per credit, or $1,161 per three-credit course. Tuition expenses may be deferred for up to four weeks following the conclusion of the course by completing Moravian College’s Deferred Payment Form (Employer Re- imbursement Payment Plan). These forms are available through the Continuing and Graduate Studies office. While there is a $35 administrative fee to use this plan, the $40 course deposit required of other students will be waived for Master of Education registrants. Tuition for Bethlehem Area teachers will be paid directly to the College according to district policy.

How do I register?
Indicate all courses for which you are registering on the enclosed registration form. Be sure to designate MEDU as the department, and include the appropriate section letters following the course number. The section letters indicate the course location, as follows: MO (Moravian College), EA (Easton Area School District), NA (Nazareth Area School District), SA (Saucon Valley School District), ST (Stroudsburg Area School District), and WI (Wilson Area School District). Course registrants must possess valid state teaching certification. In rare instances, a MEDU course may be taken concurrently with Moravian post-baccalaureate certification.

How do I apply for degree candidacy?
Request an application/information form from the Continuing and Graduate Studies office at Moravian College. Then have an official copy of your undergraduate transcript sent to Moravian. It is not necessary that an original transcript be received before you begin to take courses, but one must be on file before degree candidacy may be attained. Up to six graduate-level credits from accredited institutions may be transferred into the program if they have been completed within seven years and are consistent with the objectives of Moravian’s Master of Education program. An official graduate transcript must be sent to the Continuing and Graduate Studies office to begin the transfer-credit approval process.

What is action research?
Action research allows teachers to take control over their own professional development by making their practice an object of study. As one teacher commented, “I now look at research through different eyes. I have been given a new way to collect and analyze data to look at how to improve my teaching. In fact, the research I have done has definitely already impacted my teaching.” Another teacher commented, “The instructor made me wish I could begin my college career over again—at Moravian.”


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