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Welcome to the Moravian College Education Department’s teacher action research collection. More than 175 K-12 teachers to date have researched their professional practice and documented the ways in which they have worked to increase student engagement and achievement within their respective classrooms as part of their requirement to earn the Master of Education degree. The complete collection of abstracts and studies in pdf format from 2003 to the present may be perused and downloaded from this site or you may examine the collection, using the search features of the Reeves Library MOSYS catalog by clicking here.

Chimics, Stephanie (2015). Putting Our Thinking Caps On: Utilizing the Think-Aloud Strategy To Promote Metacognition With Informational Texts.
Full Document (PDF)

Lucas, F. Nicholas (2015). Discovering History Through Integrating Authentic Literature and Literacy Strategies into the Social Studies Classroom.
Full Document (PDF)

Panella, Jessica (2015). The Poetry in Fluency: Using Songs and Poems as Repeated Reading Tools.
Full Document (PDF)

Quinn, Alissa (2015). Breaking the Cycle of Forced Reading: Give Choice a Chance.
Full Document (PDF)

Richmond, Peter (2015). Coming in from the Cold: The Instruction of Writing in a Collaborative Classroom.
Full Document (PDF)

Ruhf, Thomas (2015). Civic Engagement, Historical Dialogue, and the Development of Personal Learning Networks Through Microblogging on EDMODO.
Full Document (PDF)

Worman, Carly J. (2015). “Can We Talk This Out?”: Collaborative Math Problem Solving with Graphic Organizers.
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