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2011 M.Ed. Thesis Abstracts & Documents

Note: If you perform a search on Reeves Library Catalog by Author, entering "Moravian College Masters of Education," entries for all Master of Education thesis documents will be retrieved.

Black, Lauren (2011). Renaissance of the Heart: Building Student Relationships Through Dialogue Journals to Increase Student Engagement.

Cierech, Jennifer (2011). Using Portfolio Assessment in a First Level Spanish Class.

Deemer, Stephanie (2011). Formative Assessment & You: Perfect Together.  

Deily, Jennifer (2011). Using Goal Setting to Increase Academic Self-Efficacy in At-Risk Ninth Grade Students.

Doklan, Bridget (2011). Allowing Students to Think for Themselves: Critical Thinking Through Socratic Circles.

Fanelli, Gabrielle (2011). Using Structured Play and Priming in the Natural Learning Environment to Enhance Social Skills in Children Identified as Having Autism Spectrum Disorder.   

Fiske, Sara (2011). Read Smarter, Not Harder: Implementing Comprehension Monitoring to Improve Critical Reading.

Greger, M. Adam (2011). Tonal Centers: Experiences with Learning Centers in the Music Classroom.

Gross, Maryann (2011). Perfecting Practice: Applying Self-Regulations Strategies to Practice in an Urban Middle School Orchestra.

Lasso, Jennifer (2011). Traditional Grammar: I Did It; Why Should They? A Look At How Adding Descriptive Writing Techniques Helped Struggling Writers.  

Lilly, Kevin (2011). Matacognitive Effects on Reading Comprehension.  

Oertner, Matthew (2011). Reciprocal Teaching: Facilitating Retelling Skills in Read Alouds for First Grade Students.

Petko, Amanda (2011). Using Literature Circles in the Middle School Setting.

Quartuch, Matthew (2011). Is Authentic Enough? Authentic Assessment and Civic Engagement.

Schaffer, Barbara (2011). Dancing with the melody of the wind: Autobiographical inquiry in the secondary ESOL classroom.

Simon, Lisa (2011). Self-Directed Learning: Creating a Classroom of Independent Learners and Critical Thinkers.

Tannous, Jennifer (2011). Going Graphic: A Study in Visual Literacy Strategies.

Tucker, Megan (2011). Technology-Rich Project-Based Learning and the Comprehension of Music Theory.

Varela, Bernadette (2011). Beyond the Surface: Using Student-Generated Questioning Strategies to Increase Critical Thinking Skills in Secondary English Language Arts Students.

Venanzi, Danielle (2011). Valuing Student Opinion and Choice: Blogging to Create a Community of Learners.


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