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Important clearance information for ALL Education Department Field Experience Students.

The Education Department at Moravian College continually examines the teacher preparation programs, experiences and courses so that our students benefits from and are exposed to the most current, proactive teaching approaches in education. The purpose of the Field Experience Program is to provide students with appropriate classroom experiences at each level of their course work. These experiences are meant to assist the students determining if teaching is an appropriate career choice. For those students who decide to pursue a teaching certificate, the field experiences will progress from the early experiences to pre-student teaching and finally student teaching. All field experiences are directly related to material presented in the various educational courses.

Students are required to complete a minimum of two field experiences (one early field experience and a pre-student teaching experience) prior to student teaching. The length of the field experiences and the responsibilities inherent in them intensify as the student moves through the program. Each of these experiences stresses active involvement rather than observation. Post-baccalaureate students will be required to be available for field experiences.

All field experiences are related to coursework in the program. The Field Coordinator is responsible for arranging all the field experience placements. Details and procedures are thoroughly explained in class.

The program requires close supervision, particularly during student teaching semester. Student teachers are observed by a College supervisor nearly once per week during the student teaching experience.




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