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Moravian College offers teacher certification programs in the following areas of secondary education (grades 7-12 unless otherwise noted): biology, chemistry, citizenship education (formerly social studies), English, French (K-12), general science, German (K-12), mathematics, physics, social studies, and Spanish (K-12).

The programs of study leading to these certificates are described under the appropriate departmental headings in this catalog. Individual program descriptions also are available through the Education Department. See the sections on science education and historical studies for descriptions of general science and citizenship education/social studies programs, respectively. Students are advised to complete Education 160 and Education 130 in the sophomore year. (They must be taken in separate semesters.) Education 260 usually is taken in the fall term of the junior year and Education 360-365 in the fall term of the senior year. Education 240.2 and 244 should be taken any semester prior to student teaching. Student teaching (Education 375-378) occurs in the spring term of the senior year. Physical Education 236 is required as one of the student's physical education activities.

All students interested in teacher certification are reminded that they must complete courses required for initial admission to the teacher certification program. Specifically, students must complete six credit hours (1.5 Moravian units) in mathematics as well as three credit hours in English composition and three credit hours in English literature.



Handbook for Secondary Education Certification Program Field Experiences Stages 1-4 (.pdf)


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