Dr. Joel Wingard

Professor of English

B.A., Muskingum College
M.A., Old Dominion University
Ph.D., Louisiana State University


Department Members:

Joyce Hinnefeld, Chair
John Black
George Diamond
Theresa Dougal
Martha Reid
Christopher Shorr
Nicole Anne Tabor
Joel Wingard


Dr. Wingard has published on Southern American literature, contemporary American Poetry, and Composition. In 1996, his introductory college literature textbook/anthology, Literature: Reading and Responding to Fiction, Poetry, Drama, and the Essay was published. Wingard has developed a growing interest in Irish life and literature, particularly the work of W.B. Yeats. He also retains a strong interest in the life and work of H.D. (Hilda Doolittle), the Modernist poet who was born along Church Street in historic Bethlehem and is buried there, too. Wingard, who has worked as a newspaper reporter and copyeditor, teaches courses in writing- print and digital.

“In my classes, I try to establish and maintain a student-centered classroom, a place where students’ learning takes precedence over teacher’s teaching. By ‘students’ learning’ I mean their guided self-discovery; by ‘teacher’s teaching’ I mean lecturing, testing, conferring judgment and other forms of authoritarian practice. My philosophy holds that self-motivated, self-directed learning is the best, is ‘liberal learning’ in its best sense of liberating; that in the largest sense the most valuable ‘lesson’ students may learn from my courses is not content but method, not information but process.”