The Best Poem

Justin Arnold's Edged in Stone

Certain phrases correspond like mazes
Lost in time buried beneath the surface
Words they spoke so long ago
Some of which no one will know
The rest are edged in stone
Placed among the skeletons of bones
Children with interest read the names
Only to continue their running, until they return after D-Day
Then something will be created for them
Edged in stone for all to see
A phrase about them explains to me
All of what they were in a short melody
We'll never know them nor choose to care
Until someone we know ends up there
Edged in stone a few words about me
Nothing that will represent my life or what I used to be
But who will care when I'm sleeping under
The ground I used to run on when I was younger
So I'll become, my life, my dreams, and hopes
Put into a phase all edged in stone
And I'll lay here where I started, alone
Maybe mine will remain after generations
To inspire others or destroy their aspirations
Edged in stone for all to see
Edged in stone but no one will read.



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Beck Shakespeare Prize

English Prize
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Zinzendorf Prize
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