The Best Poem

David Barr's Parade

A chunk of someone's garden here,
A hand, a house, a traffic light there.
The radio probably foretold of their fate,
To melt like snowmen in hell.
The radio.

In the America, red banners hung and
From the sky scraping towers.
The confetti fell.
No one noticed the sun
Sneezing Japan
Back to the joyful Earth.
The beaming world.
Dust by dust,
Japan came back to us.

I bought the poster of the sailor
And the girl
In the streets, kissing, coming home.
No one ever notices the man in the background who looks lost,
Standing under the spacious sky.
He's looking around,
And he's scared.
He was trying to tell everyone that the Nazi's won.
No one could hear him above the
Shrill sound of freedom ringing.



George S. Diamond Prizes
Beck Shakespeare Prize

English Prize
The Erskine Prize
Zinzendorf Prize
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