The Major in English

The English major consists of ten courses: a five-course core, four major electives, and a capstone experience.

Core (five courses)

  • English 225 (WI)
  • One additional writing course (WI):
    211, 212, or 215
  • Two literary period courses (British or American)
    • (British: 240, 351, 352, 354, 355)
    • (American: 340, 341, 342)
    • one of the two period courses must be pre-20th century 
      (340, 341, 351, 352, 355)
  • One genre course: drama (232, 233, 234, 360, 361); fiction (343, 353);
    or poetry (320)

Four electives – numbered at the 200 level or above

Capstone experience – at least one of the following:

  • Senior Seminar (371)
  • student teaching in an education certification program

***Teacher certification students follow modified versions of the requirements listed above. Refer to the “Teacher Certification in English” section:


  • Students must take at least three courses at the 300 level.
  • Internships (ENGL 375-377) and study abroad strongly encouraged for all majors. Consult with advisor and Office of International Studies.
  • Writing 100 and the general literature courses (English 101, 102, 103, 104, and 105) may not be used to satisfy requirements for the major, minor, or interdepartmental major programs of the English Department. The general literature course restriction, however, does not apply to Early Childhood, Middle Level, and Secondary English majors.

Electives from other disciplines can help in achieving a fully developed academic objective. Suggested areas are graphic design, history, foreign languages, marketing, philosophy, photography, political science, psychology, and sociology.



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