Writing Center History

Although many people consider college writing centers a relatively recent phenomenon, Professor Stephen North of the State University of New York at Albany points out that in fact, "writing labs" (as they were often called) go back at least as far as the 1930s, when Carrie Stanley was working with writers in a "lab" context at the University of Iowa. According to Professor George Diamond of the English Department at Moravian College, the beginnings of the Writing Center at Moravian can be traced to the early 1980's, when the College received a grant from the International Paper Company Foundation to be used toward creating "a new writing environment" at Moravian. Part of that "new environment" was a new Writing Center, staffed completely by student tutors and overseen by a member of the English Department. In the Writing Center, Moravian students at all levels of writing ability could find support and guidance at all stages of the writing process--from initial invention to final editing.

That goal of creating a productive writing environment on campus continues today, over twenty years later. Each year the Writing Center grows stronger, as more and more students become interested in becoming trained tutors, and more and more students discover the benefits of talking about their writing with these concerned and committed Writing Center tutors.


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