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The Department of Foreign Languages offers students of every discipline a wide range of possibilities to engage with world languages and cultures. Experience the intellectual and personal enrichment that comes with learning new languages—Arabic, French, German, Italian, Latin and Spanish—and encountering the diverse cultures that they represent. Ourdepartment offers courses at all levels in German, French and Spanish with the opportunityfor study abroad. You can also participate in field studies in the community, as well as co-
curricular activities such as those organized by the language clubs. Our literary journal Babel, offers students the possibility to publish their creative writing pieces in several languages. The department features skilled teaching faculty in different fields and much of the faculty’s effort is aimed at enhancing learning through literary and socio-culturalstudies as well as technology. We pride ourselves in the high involvement of our students in undergraduate research though programs such as SOAR and Honors. Some of our students in those programs have also received research and teaching Fulbrights.

We prepare our students for success in a globalized world. Whether your interests include international business or cultural and linguistic enrichment, foreign or federal service, non-governmental work or language teaching, we offer major and minor programs that will strengthen your academic and professional profile. We can help you combine specialized language training with interdisciplinary programs of study. Our students can spend a semester abroad through our established exchange programs in Erfurt (Germany), Poitiers (France) and Alicante or Valladolid (Spain). Programs in other countries such as Argentina, Chile, Ecuador or Peru, are also available for those interested in Latin America. Besides the semester abroad required of all Foreign Language majors, we encourage students to participate in our May Terms abroad.


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