Associate Professor of Spanish
Room 408 Comenius Hall
(610) 861-1393

EDUCATION: B.A. and M.A., University of Northern Iowa; Ph.D., University of Arizona

INTERESTS: Language in Contact and Changes, Business Spanish/ Spanish for the professions, Spanish American Literature, Multidisciplinary courses, Teaching and coordinating introductory and intermediate Spanish  language and culture courses, Central American Women Writers, Linguistic Varieties/Language in Contact and Changes, Bilingualism and  Dialectology, Hispanic World: Culture and Literature


Dr. Lasso-von Lang co-authored Flavors of Panama with Jiwanda Gale-Rogers. Publish America. August 2012

Bertalicia Peralta: Life and Works. F&G Editores/F&G Libros de Guatemala. October, 2007.

Bertalicia Peralta: Vida y Obra

Dr. Lasso-von Lang will be collaborating again with Dr. Ferrero as they edit a second edition their book Variedades linguísticas y lenguas en contacto en el mundo de habla hispana. (Bloomington, Indiana).

“Evolution of Panamanian Poetry:  1950s to Present.”  Anthology: Homage Volume in Honor of Dr. Lanin Gyurko  (publication in progress).

WEBSITE: http://home.moravian.edu/users/frlang/menol01/