Language Placement

Students are urged to take this language indicator within 2 weeks after
making the decision to come to Moravian College
The ultimate deadline is MAY 31

ATTENTION! Students with disabilities who might require extra time on the placement indicator should contact Elaine Mara at 610-861-1510 or

The purpose of the Foreign Language Placement Indicator

The purpose of the placement indicator is to determine the appropriate level in which you should be placed or in which you should continue your study of French, German or Spanish at the college level. The results will be available for you to discuss with your academic advisor when you register for courses, prior to your first semester at Moravian College.

Who MUST complete this online Language Placement Indicator

Who SHOULD NOT complete this Language Placement Indicator

Who SHOULD complete a brief oral interview during May Registration

Language Indicator Screening - General Directions

Consider completing this Language Placement Indicator at your school, local library, or in your home. It is recommended that you use a high speed internet connection.

The Language Indicator is a 35-minute timed exercise. The system will allow one attempt per question or statement.  Questions will be displayed one at a time.  Once a question has been completed, advance to the next question by selecting the chevron, (see example). Chevrons are located on the right side of the question.  Use either the top or bottom chevron to advance to the next question.

You will not be able to backtrack to correct an answer.  If you do not know an answer, select: “I don’t know” and proceed to the next question.   Questions that are left un-answered will be scored as incorrect.

As you progress, you can see how much time has elapsed.  You will also be warned prior to the expiration of the Indicator’s time limit.

Should you get dropped off of the Indicator or exit the Indicator prematurely, the exercise will be saved as if it were complete.  Contact Amanda Jenkins-Ford at (610) 861-1697, E-mail: to have the exercise reopened.  NOTE: questions that had been answered previously will reappear, but the answers that were given on the first submission will be used to calculate the final score.

At the end of the exercise, you will get feedback as to how well you did. You will be able to see your total score. Please print and save your results for your personal records.

What is NOT allowed during the time you are completing it

It is to your benefit to complete this assignment on your own. Be honest!
The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures reserves the right to move students one level up or down,
if the results do not reflect the actual language level

To complete the online French, German or Spanish Placement Indicators, please click on the Blackboard Link
  • Blackboard Link
    • The username is your personal email address.  The password is Placement2014.
    • Once you have logged into Blackboard, you will see "Language Placement Indicators within the Course Content box (Course Catalog). Click on it.
    • Enroll
    • Click on the language indicator you need to take, read brief instructions and begin
    • Print and save your results for your records


Contact Information:
Dr. James Skalnik
Assistant Dean for Academic Advising
Academic Affairs Office
Monocacy Hall, Room 203,  
(610) 861-1435

Dr. Jean-Pierre Lalande, Chair
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Comenius 103,
(610) 861-1399

Dr. Nilsa Lasso-von Lang
Associate Professor of Spanish
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, Comenius 408,
(610) 861-1393