Career Options - Optometry

Have you ever considered a career in Optometry? Optometrists are healthcare professionals that are concerned with the eyes, vision, and vision processing.  After completing an undergraduate degree, all students continue on to receive their Doctor of Optometry degree at an accredited four year university. Since studying Optometry requires a science oriented background, many undergraduates major in Biology or Chemistry, however any major is acceptable as long as the prerequisites are taken before admission to Optometry school. Typically, Optometry schools expect students to have taken one year of Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, and Microbiology as well as English, Math, Social Science and Humanities courses. In addition to prerequisite coursework, admissions representatives look for students who excel in deductive reasoning, have excellent interpersonal communications, empathy, leadership ability and a disposition to serve others. Optometry Aptitude Test (OAT) scores are also considered as well as extracurricular activities, community service activities and overall potential.

As part of the Doctor of Optometry program students will study health and visual sciences, as well as participate in clinical and diagnostic training in identifying eye disorders.

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