Career Options - Public Health

According to the Association of Schools of Public Health (ASPH), the field of Public Health draws upon many disciplines from various academic backgrounds. Fields such as biology, sociology, anthropology, medicine, education, business, law, and many others are used to help protect and improve community health through health education, promotion, research, and disease prevention to target populations.  Public Health officials are responsible for a number of achievements such as vaccinations, motor-vehicle safety, infectious disease control, and prevention of heart disease and stroke.

The ASPH breaks down public health into the following categories: environmental health, behavioral sciences/health education, epidemiology, biostatistics and health services administration. Within these categories there are other concentrations such as: occupational safety, maternal and child health, biomedical and laboratory practice, nutrition, and international public health.  

While you do not have to major in science to pursue a degree in Public Health, it is best to check specific program requirements for schools that you are interested in. Different programs require various prerequisites so exploring your options early on will ensure enough time to fulfill necessary requirements.

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