The Optometry Aptitude Test (OAT) is a comprehensive test developed by the American Optometry Association to test scientific knowledge and analytical ability. The test is required by all schools of optometry and is divided into four parts. Part one is a survey of the Natural Sciences which covers Biology, General Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry. The second section is Reading Comprehension followed by Physics and Quantitative Reasoning.

The OAT may be taken an unlimited number of times, year round, with 90 days between each test. Scoring is based on a scale of 200-400, with 300 being the average score.

The Health Professions Office has information about test strategies and test preparation. On site seminars about the exams are offered during the fall semester.  The Office of Health Professions has practice exam books that students may look through in order to become more familiar with the material and types of questions that are asked.  It is ultimately the student’s responsibility to enroll in a preparation course if they feel that it is necessary.

For more information about the OAT please visit: www.opted.org