The History Department at Moravian College

Student Club News

The History Club invites you to join their 2014 Thursday Talks at 11:45 a.m. Please bring your lunch.
October 2: Dr. Keshodkar
October 16: Ryan Barwick
October 23: Jodi Miller
October 30: Stephanie Castlen
November 13: Barry Rivera

Moravian College History Club

The History Club is for all students, not just history majors or minors, interested in the uses and facets of history and the historian’s craft. The club sponsors luncheons, lectures, movies, trips, and displays around campus.

President - David Gaspar
Vice President - Patrick Titus
Secretary - Kyle Davies
Treasurer - Stephanie Castlen
Advisor - Dr. Sandra Aguilar-Rodriguez

Phi Alpha Theta:
National Honor Society for History

Phi Alpha Theta recognizes students who have done superior work in the study of history. Candidates must have achieved a designated overall QPA as well as a designated minimum average or better in at least three history courses. Activities include both academic and social functions.

President - William Christman
Vice Presidents - Kyle Davies
Secretary - Leah Triber
Treasurer - Michael Hofman
Advisor - Dr. Heikki Lempa