Thursday, October 9 through Sunday, October 12

Moravian Conferences 2008 encompass four closely related events. They all probe the traditions of the Moravians also known as Unitas Fratrum or Herrnhuters. There is no attempt to conform them to a coherent program. Each one of the events has its own planning committee. But we wish that you use the opportunity to attend as many sessions as you can. To make this easier we have created this website that allows you to register in all events.

The 8th Annual Moravian Music Conference
Thursday, October 9 and Friday, October 10

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The Moses Lectures in Moravian Studies:
Paul Peucker: The Role in History on Finding a Moravian Identity
Thursday, October 9 at 7:00pm
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Conference on Moravian History and Culture
Friday, October 10 and Saturday, October 11
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Moravian Historical Society Annual Meeting
Sunday, October 12
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