The History Department at Moravian College

History Fellowship

The History Fellowship is an opportunity for students to gain experience in tutoring, undergraduate research, and teaching. It allows students to assist a professor in classroom and to engage in a research topic that intersects with the professor's research expertise and student's interest.

The program consists of attending the class, providing an hour of office hours for tutoring per week, and teaching a session of the class that pertains to the fellow's research paper (see below).

Fellows will also read literature pertinent to the topic that they have decided to study. The literature should consist of primary and secondary sources that can serve as the basis for the student's research paper. It can include a textbook, but most of the materials should be either original primary documents or research literature that fulfill the customary standards in history. This reading will culminate in a research paper of 10 to 15 pages based on the primary and secondary sources.

Prerequisites include second-semester sophomore standing (or higher), a QPA of 3.50 or above in the history major, a grade of at least an A– in the survey course to which the fellow is assigned, and a competitive application process, including an interview with the department chair. The position does not come with a stipend, but can result in course credit.

Recent topics include:

  • Andrew Jackson
  • Sectional Crisis of the 1850's
  • Jacksonian Democracy