The History Department at Moravian College

Field Study

A field study is an academic enrichment program that takes history student into the frontiers of historical work. Field studies consist of both practical work and academic work. Depending on the setting the practical work could include transcription of letters, organization of collections, background checking for relevant historical items or collections, collection of relevant information through oral interviews, and surveys. The academic work consists of two well-written reports, each of which has to be at least 8 pages long. Whereas the first report is a journal of the student’s overall experience and relevant thoughts, the second report should include a structured account of the student’s specific project and its results.

Each student working in a field study has a supervisor in charge of the field study on site. He or she must have a professional degree in history or an appropriate field. The student will also have a faculty advisor. The weekly work load should be eight hours on site doing practical work and at least two hours off site doing academic work.

Recent field study locations and paper topics include: