The History Department at Moravian College

Dennis G. Glew

Dennis G. Glew

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I offer courses in the history of classical antiquity and has taught seminars on subjects including the career of Alexander the Great, the fall of the Roman republic, and Livy's history of Rome. In addition, I teach Latin and ancient Greek in the Foreign Languages Department.

Current Research:
At present, I am completing a survey of the tetradrachms of Prusias I of Bithynia; also, an article on Book 23 of Livy.

Selected Publications
"400 Villages? A Note on Appian, Mith. 65, 271." Epigraphica Anatolica 32 (2000), 155-161.

"Nicomedes' Name." Epigraphica Anatolica 38 (2005), 131-139.